Organization Issues

October 20th, 2010

I have a problem. My studio space is a cluttered mess! I can’t get any work done when it’s like this, but I’m unable to put everything in its place. Argh. I think I have too much stuff and not enough places! I need to make my space more like these…

organized office inspiration

Photos from: desire to inspire, decor8, ikea, desire to inspire, Making It Lovely


  1. Ali

    This post inspired me to redo my studio. I decided to buy a white drafting table from IKEA but I didn’t buy anything dedicated to organizing, I’m sure that will turn out badly. Though I did follow one of your posts to design sponge and found these DIY wine boxes made into wall display boxes, might be a cheaper solution (we’ll see what Total Wine says about that). Now the question remains… do I paint my studio a pale blue or pee green?

  2. Wit & Whistle

    Awesome! I think I’m going to get an EXPEDIT bookshelf from ikea with some storage baskets to stick my junk in. At least that will give the illusion of organization. The wine box display sounds like a great idea! Surely Total Wine can spare a few boxes for you. : ) Check out Martha Stewart’s paint colors at Home Depot! She has some gorgeous blues and greens.

  3. jo

    totally jealous of how nice and tidy those studio spaces are… They don’t look worked in though! Mine is so much messier and I still take up space on the kitchen table, the nook by the window for photographing and my computer desk (not in my studio) yikes!

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