Pumpkin Time

October 21st, 2011

This year I skipped pumpkin carving. Let’s face it, it’s messy, time consuming, and pumpkin goo makes my hands itchy.  Instead I got some skinny masking tape, pressed a strip into each groove around my pumpkin, spray painted it, and removed the tape. The tape ripped off some of the paint with it, but I figure raggedy paint is appropriate for Halloween decorations. I think I prefer last year’s pumpkin, but this one should sufficiently welcome trick-or-treaters, and I love that I don’t have stinky orange slime under my fingernails!

decorate halloween pumpkin


  1. John

    One of the woodworking mags I subscribe to had a photo spread on pumpkin carving with power tools. Talk about a mess! I like your pumpkin.

  2. Absolutely lovely. I get what you are saying about the mess of pumpkin carving. However, it’s a big tradition at my house every year, so there’s no skipping it for me!

    I do want to try the method you used on last year’s pumpkin. I like the glow you can get from just removing the top layer of pumpkin skin.

  3. Talia

    I love this! you are so inspiring!

  4. what a cool idea! I like how it looks =D

  5. Michelle

    it looks like there should be little mice pulling it through the streets :)

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