Rubber Stamps

November 14th, 2011

I recently ordered new shipping stamps. Did you know that standard do not bend stamps don’t say “please”? That’s just terrible! I think saying “please do not bend” will make my envelopes stand out from all the bossy “do not bend” envelopes, and the postal workers will be inclined to handle my packages extra carefully. It’s also possible that I’m over analyzing this.

UPDATE: I’m now selling “please do not bend” stamps and other rubber stamps I designed in the shop right here!

custom rubber stamps


  1. Those stamps are just adorable!
    I want to buy one just because they’re so nice.

  2. Joy

    I’m definitely considering getting some stamps of my own!

  3. I think it’s wonderful that you said please. If I’m a postman I’m sure to be extra careful when I handle the package.

  4. I know what you mean, I always write “Please do not bend” too. Manners work:)
    Gorgeous. Bookmarked the link, thanks for sharing!

  5. Very smart! It’s obvious that manners are not lost on you.

  6. Not at all! Always lovely to be polite. Then again, I’m a Brit and we spend our whole time apologising!

  7. That’s so cute! I’m debating on if I want to use stamps for our wedding invitations, hmmm…

    But the “please” bit is just so sweet and nice! ^_^

  8. These are such gorgeous stamps.
    Do you mind me asking where you got the envelopes from?

  9. I found these on pinterest & absolutely LOVE! They are beautiful!

  10. Sydney

    Your stamps are super classy!

  11. I love your logo stamp and the “please do not bend” stamp! Great idea and very polite, I should do that too! Thanks for sharing your resource, greatly appreciated.

    Also, I love your kraft shipping mailers, where do you get those?

  12. Michelle

    those are so cool! Now I want to find some reason that I need stamps like that… haha

  13. Really dig this envelope type… thanks for sharing the purchase location above!
    i really wish they had a #10 in that type… :( haha
    thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Where can I get the mailer envelopes you’re using with the stamp?

  15. Where did you get the envelopes from??
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. i ADORE your font. So pretty. Thanks for sharing just this morning I went looking for kraft mailers for photos. Perfect!

  17. where did you get your brown envelopes?? so cute!

  18. i came across with this post via Pinterest, LOVE the creative stamps idea! thank you for sharing! i am ordering for sure!

  19. Randi

    What is your font for your logo? ADORABLE!

  20. hazel

    Those are lovely stamps! What program do you use to make your designs for the stamps? They are adorable!

  21. kasia

    What font did you use?

  22. I would love to know where your mailers are from!

  23. susan du toit

    hi, could you make custom stamps?

  24. Rachel Wood

    Do you mind sharing where you got the original stamps from? I would like to get a custom one made with my company logo.

  25. Tammy

    Love the entire style! I noticed your full stamp is made of a type of metal versus wood and rubber. May I ask where you ordered than from? I’m in need of customized stamps that will print out clearly and fully asap ;)
    Looking forward to your reply!

  26. Hi! I ve seen this in pinterest, and you ve a nice blog. I love this stamp, so lovely.

    I ve got one question, where ve u get that kind of envelopes/packaging? I m really interesting to get it!

    Thanks, and cheers

    Bea M.

  27. Jenny

    Great blog and site- your stamps are lovely! Where did you go to purchase your initial stamp with your logo- finding these really hard to source!?

  28. Laurie

    Hi Amanda! Soo cute.
    I don’t see info on where the self inking stamps are from.
    Would love to get one!

  29. I seriously love this look, could you *pretty please* tell me where you get these stamps from? I purchased from someone on Etsy and they are really difficult to use / center. I’m thinking I need something like what you have here!

    Thanks! <3

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