I did it.

December 16th, 2011

If you’re a slacker in the holiday card sending department, don’t feel bad. This is the first year I’ve mailed out Christmas cards since… I can’t even remember, that’s how long it has been. I don’t even have a good excuse either, since I make and sell holiday cards! Usually by the time I finish shipping out all my holiday orders I don’t even want to look at another holiday card if I can help it, but this year I did it! They’re all signed, stamped, licked, and adorned with washi tape. In your face, Christmas!

holiday cards to mail

Now that I’ve licked 20+ envelopes in a row, I realize that I need to add flavored envelopes to my inventory…


  1. Phoebe

    looks great! I, as a procrastinator, tend to send out happy new year cards when the holiday hubbub has died a bit.

  2. John

    I think we may send out “we finished remodeling the bathroom” cards, maybe by the first of February.

  3. meg

    after spending a fortune on cards & stamps last year, i took a break from christmas cards this year! we are thinking of making a little video with our new kittens enjoying all the christmasness going on in our condo.

  4. Congratulations on getting your holiday cards sent out! I’m in the same boat as you – I also make cards, but I’m usually so busy filling orders that I don’t have time to send out my own cards to friends and family!

  5. Love washi tape! I am working on my Happy New Years cards right now – just curious how did you handle addressing & return addressing? Labels? Hand-written? I am stumped!!!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I just wrote all the addresses by hand, which is unfortunate since my handwriting isn’t the greatest. I need to take caligraphy lessons or something!

  6. I was just thinking this morning as I finished licking our Christmas card envelopes that someone really should invent better tasting adhesive. It would be a huge hit!

  7. Yay you! I send out my homemade cards each year and I have received only a couple this year and it kind of makes miss the days of written mail and the tradition of sending cards. I’m trying to write a blog post about it, but I also don’t want to make people feel bad about not sending cards so not sure if I should post or not. I love the addition of tape on your envelopes – cute!

  8. Carmen

    Ha! I just mailed our holiday cards this afternoon. It is a chore indeed! I love your usage of the washi tape on the envelopes. Great tip!

  9. Brie

    Your website is beautiful! Question: where does one buy attractive stamps these days? I spend so much time on a beautiful card and envelope design, and I hate to ruin it with an ugly liberty bell stamp or what have you.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Thanks Brie! I order my stamps from usps.com. That way I can see all the designs they have available. My local post office usual has very limited stock (liberty bells, haha).

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