Valentine’s Day 2012

January 13th, 2012

New Valentine’s Day goodies are available now! I’m off to spoil my appetite by eating the huge lollipop pictured below. Yum.

Wit & Whistle Valentine's Day Cards

Oh, and I also added a couple non-Valentine’s items too—a good luck card, the hive note card set, and the chevron note card set.

Wit & Whistle Cards


  1. Ahhhh. These cards gave me a good chuckle. Nothing like bee vomit and Valentines boobs. Hilarious. . . . ;) A+ for creative artistry and witty comments!

  2. April

    LOL the bee vomit card is awesome :D

  3. these are so great! i love the heart in the jar and i never thought a fly on poop could be so cute haha

  4. Love these cards! They’re a nice change from the overly sweet ones I see around usually. Beautifully done too.

  5. These items are so cute!

    Emma xx

  6. Love it all, especially the poop and boobs card.

  7. Mary

    Bee vomit card is soooo awesome! I love your style, and am currently contemplating if I really need to hand out wedding favors of if I need to stock up on these cards.

  8. These cards are fantastic. too many cards are cliche and predicatbly soppy, but these are soo good.

  9. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    Thanks everyone! So glad you like them! :)

  10. haha love the bee vomit….such fun.

  11. you are so brilliant, and I envy the simplicity of your creativity. you got yourself a new fan in me :)

  12. Hi Amanda,
    I recently found your shop on Etsy, and I think your designs wonderfully quirky and playful. Your branding and cohesiveness of style are excellent. I look forward to seeing what your produce next! My shop is currently pending, but I should be opening up in a couple weeks. It nice to see the such success within your shop. It is inspiring.

  13. Rachel

    I was wondering if you could post the recipe for the Valentine’s Day lollipops please?!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Sorry Rachel, I bought the lollipop in the photo. I wish I knew how to make them though! It was delicious!

I love your comments more than I love chocolate (almost).


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