S’more Bars

May 14th, 2012

I love s’mores, but they are awfully messy. No matter how I eat them, I always end up with strands of melted marshmallow all over my chin and caked in my hair. These bars are the perfect solution. I do miss the campfire a little bit, but my marshmallow-free hair is totally making up for it (not to mention these taste about 10,000 times better than actual s’mores). A big thanks to Kim at Lovin’ From the Oven for the recipe!

s'more bars recipe
s'more bars recipe

1/2 cup butter, room temperature
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/3 cups all purpose flour
3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 king-sized milk chocolate bars (e.g. Hershey’s)
1 1/2 cups marshmallow creme/fluff (not melted marshmallows)

Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease an 8-inch square baking pan.

In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugars until light. Beat in egg and vanilla. In a small bowl, whisk together flour, graham cracker crumbs, baking powder and salt. Add to butter mixture and mix at a low speed until combined.

Divide dough in half and press half of dough into an even layer on the bottom of the prepared pan. Place chocolate bars over dough. 2 king-sized Hershey’s bars should fit perfectly side by side, but break the chocolate (if necessary) to get it to fit in a single layer no more than 1/4 inch thick. Spread chocolate with marshmallow creme or fluff. Place remaining dough in a single layer on top of the fluff (most easily achieved by flattening the dough into small shingles and laying them together).

Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, until lightly browned. Cool completely before cutting into bars.

Recipe by Lovin’ From the Oven 


  1. Michelle

    I have a recipe saved on pinterest that I bought the stuff for that’s exactly like this! I just hadn’t made them yet… didn’t want to end up eating the whole pan myself… haha

  2. Kp

    That’s so genius! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It does seem better tasting but:

    1. It’s not as traditional.

    2. There aren’t any ovens in the forest and its not always convenient for people to carry around a baking tin carrying s’mores.

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Hey, the Keebler Elves have a forest oven! Maybe they’d share? ;)

    • Donna

      This doesn’t take away from tradition, it just adds another dimension. No forest oven needed, these are great for any backyard party. For some situations, these would be much more convenient than carrying all the supplies needed for regular s’mores. I can’t wait to try them!

    • Jenifer

      We are going camping this weekend and we will have an oven in the forest! We have a propane oven. There are major fire restrictions right now so we can’t make them over the fire so I am thinking of going this route.

  4. Oh my, these look dangerously good!

  5. Yes! This looks soooo gooey and yummy. Definitely want to make these immediately…too bad it is midnight where I am! ;)

  6. Manda

    Holy deliciousness! Must. Try. Soon.

    Eat Cake

  7. Oh boy, these look really decadent. Totally with you on the dangers of real s’mores, e.g. marshmallow hair. Bookmarking this for future (probably ten minutes from now) use. Great find. :)

  8. christine

    I can’t wait to try these – they look wonnnderfully yummy!

  9. Julie

    Could you just layer marshmallows instead of using fluff? or is there a certain brand of fluff or marshmallow creme that tastes exactly like marshmallows in a bag? I am not a fan of fluff. These look delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I don’t think it would work with a layer of regular marshmallows. I’ve made regular s’mores in the oven before, and after the marshmallows cool they harden and get kinda gross. The fluff stays gooey and soft even after you bake it. I’m afraid I only know of the one brand.

    • Lauren

      I’m not a fan of the fluff either but made these as directed and then added some mini marshmellows as well and it was delicious. You couldn’t even tell!!!

  10. Ms Amanda

    My vegetarian daughters really miss eating s’mores. Since fluff is gelatin free this may be a way of satisfying their s’mores longing!

  11. Christine G

    I am looking forward to try this for a summer camp send off coming up as well as a boys sweet 16, may just make it for date night tonight! :) YUM!

  12. Louise

    Marshmellows are not vegetarian!?!?! Just like Jello. Darn.

  13. Jodi K

    I just made this and I LOVED it!! My husband and I both had seconds. Definitely licking the pan clean on this one! Thanks for the recipe.

  14. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it this summer! Yum!

  15. These looked and sounded so tempting I had to make them right away. The bars are just ten minutes from being finished :) I found that by spraying my spoon with cooking spray that the marshmallow fluff came off easier. Can’t wait to take a bite into these!

  16. lauren

    had something similar to these from a bakery in the north end of boston, ma…however they were dipped in chocolate and had graham cracker crumbs sprinkled on top! now that i have this recipe i’m going to combine the concepts and give it a whirl!

  17. Kylie Campbell

    LOve the look of this but coming from Australia, what kind of biscuits are Graham crackers and how would I make the marshmallow Creme? Not readily available here.

    • It would be extremely taboo for me to post links to other blogs but i do know of some blogs that gave graham cracker recipes. The Amanda is okay with this, Martha Stewart has a recipe for Graham Crackers on her site, if you do a google search maybe you can find everything to make it. Also Marshmallow can be made homemade as well I saw one of food dot com once. I think it’s worth making homemade personally just for the experience.

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Oh please do post any links that will help Kylie out! Thanks Elle!

    • Kellee

      Hi Kylie! You can substitute Digestives for graham crackers which is what I did when I was living in Europe. I imagine you get those in Australia? As for marshmallow creme, you can search for it, there are tons of recipes out there. It’s mainly just egg whites and sugar. Good Luck! I’m making my first batch of S’more Bars as I write (I halved the recipe so that my husband and I don’t go too crazy) and I’m super excited!

    • Bonnie Morin

      send me your address and I will mail you both gram crackers and marshmellow fluff

  18. Kay

    Are king size Hershey bars thicker than regular Hershey bars? Or can you use regular size Hershey bars, just more of them? Does this question make any sense at all? Thanks.

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      The king size bars are a bit thicker than the regular bars, but you could definitely use the regular ones if you want. The end result just won’t be quite as chocolaty.

  19. Stefanie

    I love love LOVE s’mores! Hmmm….can this by my birthday cake tomorrow?? :) I will have to give these a whirl and try them out!

  20. I eat Smores like 3 times a year…I think this is worth every calorie! I may make this for a party or something so i don’t feel so bad! Looks yummy!

  21. This looks fantastic and like a very good idea for my son-in-law stationed in Afghanistan. Regular chocolate isn’t suggested for mailing over there because the extreme heat could melt it. BUT if it’s baked in between layers of fluff and graham cracker and shipped still in its baking pan, it should travel well. Thank you for this amazing idea!

  22. Becky

    I made these for memorial day – delicious! One hint though, when putting the last layer of dough on, spread the dough w your fingers on a sheet of waxed paper a little bigger than the pan. After you’ve got it all spread out evenly, turn it over, place in your pan and peel off the wax paper. Worked like magic!

  23. Caryn

    I have a pan in the oven right now and cannot wait to try them. I also used wax paper and the top wasn’t too hard. Thanks formsucha fun yummy treat sans fire pit and sticks!

  24. Absolutely genius!!! This will be a MUST once I’m in Cycle 4 of my diet. Thank you very much for sharing!

  25. Erin

    I want to make these the day before I serve them for a get together with the girls. Do these need to be eaten same day, does the chocolate stay melted? Thanks!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      The chocolate solidifies as they cool, and they’re definitely better warm. You could always make them ahead of time and heat them up a bit before serving.

  26. Kris

    I made a similar “creation” tonight but had to change it up a bit for my gluten free family. We did a gluten free shortbread cookie mix with cinnamon added for the bottom crust. I poked fork marks in it and baked about 10 mins and thendid the marshmallow fluff next and pressed the chocolate bars into the marshmallow. Then I crumbled the rest of the cookie dough on top and baked about 15 more mins. Then I turned on the broiler to get the top a little toasty for that campfire taste. The marshmallow that bubbled up got dark and a little crispy. It turned out great. Thank you so much for the inspiration. This is going to be a family favorite.

  27. made these the other day..did not want to wait til they cooled. they were amazing warm. and everyone loved them once cooled off. they disappeared!

  28. Lindsey laye

    If you have a kitchen torch you could probably toast the marshmallows before you added the second layer. Give you the same flavor without the fuss. Love this

  29. Diana

    WELL, I messed up big time. My thought was to make a double batch but changed my mind. BUT when I got out the butter, I got out 2 sticks. The dough wasn’t anything like the picture (at this point I didn’t realize I used double butter). Then I had a heck of a time spreading the marshmellow creme but kind of blobbed it on, and since my dough was not stiff, it was easy to spread on top. When it was almost done baking, I realized what I did. It sure doesn’t look pretty, BUT I dug out a corner of it and it sure tasted good.

  30. Made this tonight exactly as the recipe called for. I only had 1 cup of “fluff” so that is all I used. AWESOME!!!

    Bringing it to work tomorrow for my employees. The only thing I would change is that I wish the crust had more graham cracker in it.
    The fluff was HARD to spread. I ended up blobbing it around, using 2 spoons. The top layer I smushed between my hands and placed it all around. Some of the fluff snuck through the holes, but still delish!!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Did you spread the fluff on top of the chocolate bars? That made it pretty easy to smooth out for me.

  31. Michele

    Does anyone know if these would mail well? My long distance boyfriend loves s’mores and I wanted to make some to send but wasn’t sure if they were good after a few days? Thanks!!

  32. Jessica

    These are so amazing! Note: only make them if you have somewhere to take (and share) them. Otherwise you will eat the whole pan yourself!

  33. Margaret

    These are sooo good! Made them last night and had to bring them to work to share so I wouldn’t eat the whole pan. I was running low on sugar so I switched the sugar and brown sugar measurements and they are still great. I put the fluff down before the chocolate which made it fairly easy to spread the top layer of batter. I am pleasantly surprised that the chocolate hasn’t resolidified at room temperature, so it’ll be a good dish to make for get togethers! I loove s’mores and this is a great alternative when it’s too hot for a campfire (and microwave s’mores aren’t hittin the spot)

  34. Evi

    Made this for my book club, and everyone loved it! So glad I found it on Pinterest!

  35. Kandi

    Can’t wait to make this tonight… is there a way to print the recipe? Thanks so much!

    • Kandi

      Nevermind…. Silly, Silly me, I had a blonde moment. (it’s okay, I AM blonde) ;)

  36. Julie

    Looks yummy – I’ll have to try these with the Toasted Marshmallow Creme – it tastes like it’s been roasted, but stays creamy and soft!

    • Kandi

      Julie, I love this idea, can you tell me where to get this? I don’t ever think I’ve seen it at our store.

  37. Kandi

    Made these last week, they were a HUGE hit, I think I might try Julie’s suggestion of toasted marshmallow creme.

    I did have one problem though, my crust did not turn out doughy, it ended up being more of a crumb topping. I followed the directions exactly, anyone have a suggestion as to what may have happened?

  38. Bezeemom

    I just rolled, patted the top crust between 2 sheets of wax paper and rolled in the edge of the bottom sheet to get the proper dimensions then flipped it on top as a solid sheet. Easy peasy!

  39. I am totally going to bring these to our family reunion in a couple of weeks. We camp, but the fire danger is so high that we can’t have campfires [boo]. This will be a fantastic alternative. Thanks so much!

  40. just made these in less than 10 minutes! My boyfriend and I are extremely excited to try these! of coarse had to have a graham cracker, fluff, and left over chocolate while we wait!!

  41. Brittany

    made these today and they were a perfect summer dessert!

  42. Stephanie

    Could you use peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bars?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Your bars might be a bit lumpier since the peanut butter cups are thicker, but I don’t see why not. That would be delicious!

  43. Kara

    Just so yo know, Trader Joe’s (a grocery) carries a product called Spekulos-or Cookie Butter, which happens to taste like the batter of graham crackers and spreads like frosting…just think of the possibilites!!

  44. My girls would love these. I am new to this whole blogging business…check out my site. I’d love some pointers. :)And follow me on pinterest! HA!

  45. Amity

    I think I am in love. We made this for a barbeque and couldn’t take them… ate too many. Oh my. Thank you!

  46. Allison

    Just made these, waiting for them to cool. They look and smell soo yummy! I had to use a 9″ circle pan, couldnt find an 8″ square so I had to get creative with the chocolate but it looks just as yummy!! Thanks for the great recipe!! :)

  47. These look fabulous! Can’t wait to try the recipe :)

  48. Baker

    Can I make these tonight, but not bake them until tomorrow afternoon? Trying to save myself time since my guests come into town tomorrow.

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I think that would work as long as you refrigerate it until you’re ready to bake it.

  49. Kim

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, it looks amazing! Mine are in the oven right now, it was really easy to make(had to bake them so early because it’s gonna be like 100 degrees today). It’s going to be hard to wait the hours to eat them til guests arrive for our party later.

  50. Maggie

    Even though its 100 degrees outside, I’ve got these in the oven right now. the smell is heavenly! I think maybe next time I’ll try a layer of caramel (melted, mixed with some evaporated milk, a la the filling for turtle brownies) as well, to make them like “hush ‘em ups” (which we used to make along with s’mores in girl scouts– jam a caramel square on the end of your roasting stick with the marshmallow so they melt and get all gooey together– sooo good.)

  51. Casey

    Looking forward to trying this I will let you know how it comes out :)

  52. amy

    Can you use regular marshmallow instead of fluff?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I think regular marshmallows will harden after the bars cool off, while the fluff stays soft and gooey even after cooling.

  53. Martha

    How many ounces of chocolate are we talking, here? :) Wondering if you mean the “king size” bars at the checkout line, or the BIG bars in the candy aisle? Thanks – these look yummy!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I got mine in the candy aisle. If you put two next to each other they should be big enough to fill an 8″ x 8″ baking pan.

  54. erica

    Just made these… kinda sad I didn’t realize the recipe needed the GIANT hershey bars and not the king sized… haven’t cut into them yet, but I’m afraid there won’t be enough chocolate so I sprinkled some chocolate chips on top… hoping they still taste good. And make sure you get the giant hershey bars, not the king sized ones in the checkout aisle.

  55. Alaina

    I just put these in the oven…doubled the recipe for a 9×13 pan and used 7 regular sized Hershey bars (I’m wondering if milk chocolate chips might be a little cheaper…)

    Anyway, I’m so excited about this. I don’t eat pork, or anything with gelatin (which means I’ve had to cut marshmallows from my life unless I make my own…which I’m not opposed to when I have time.) I love that this uses marshmallow cream instead (thus, no gelatin.) I can’t wait to get these out of the oven, and I’m not sure they will cool completely before I dig in!

    • Shayla

      Just make your own marshmallows or look for vegan marshmallows or kosher marshmallows. Making your own is easy and yummy! the kosher and vegan ones can get a little pricy, so I’d use those for when you get a craving and don’t have the time to make your own…

    • Laurie

      Alaina, you can buy kosher marshmallows.

  56. Lyndsey

    Mine are cooling right now. :) I doubled the recipe for 9×13 pan and 3 GIANT Hershey bars fit in perfectly. Can’t wait to try!

  57. Stefani

    I made them tonite!! The only thing I would change would be less flour if possible, and more graham crackers!! I could taste the flour…oh well next time
    They were very very yummmy!! Oh and mine didnt cool completely…lol

  58. I just made these yesterday for 4th of July and let me tell you… they were a HUGE hit! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  59. Katherinne

    Where can I find the marshmallows fluff? Or how can I make it? Thank you!! :)

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Marshmallow fluff is available in grocery stores throughout the US, or another reader suggested searching for marshmallow cream recipes online since it’s mostly just egg whites and sugar.

      Hopefully that helps! :)

  60. Amber

    Holy crap these are the best thing ever! Making them tonight for the 2nd time! SOOOO good. :) Try it out!

  61. Gracie

    Would it be possible to use a pre-made graham cracker pie crust & invert a second one to go on top?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I’m not sure if that would work or not. Wouldn’t you have a big hollow graham cracker pie crust pocket then—since the marshmallow cream and chocolate wouldn’t fill the top inverted crust?

  62. Liz

    Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve missed s’mores since I went vegetarian. This will be made a LOT in my house. :)

    • Shayla

      Just make your own marshmallows, or use vegan marshmallows (they do exist, but are harder to find and are more expensive).

  63. Betty

    I am trying to print this receipe S’Mores Bars please
    let me know where it says I can print.


    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      If you’d like to print this post you can go up to file > print in your internet browser.

  64. Casey Cueva

    Finally tried it! It came out amazingggggg! Thank you for sharing!

  65. Amy

    We went camping this last weekend but couldn’t make a fire due to fire danger restrictions. I made these instead of real S’mores and they were awesome! Thanks for the recipe!

  66. Sara

    I made this last night and it was AMAZING! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!


  67. Made this the other day and it was just AWESOME! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe : )

  68. This really should be illegal. I can’t stop staring at the pictures…

  69. Bethany

    I made this tonight and it was delicious but what is the best thing to do with leftovers? Should I put it in the fridge or just wrap it and leave it out? And how should I serve the leftovers?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I kept my leftovers in an airtight container on the counter. I liked the leftovers best reheated for a few seconds in the microwave so the chocolate got a little melty.

  70. harriet clement

    I found them too sweet but wondered why you couldn’t use mini marshmallows instead of the cream cause marshmallows are not so sweet How many ounces are the giant bars?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I think mini marshmallows will harden after the bars cool off, while the fluff stays soft and gooey even after cooling. I’m not sure how many ounces the giant bars are since I already ate mine. :) Two of them side by side will fill a 8″ x 8″ pan.

    • Sarah

      Yup, what Amanda said, I made a similar recipe today, with mini marshmallows, and, while QUITE delicious, the marshmallows do get kinda tough, so next time I will try this recipe, or at least sub in marshmallow fluff for the mallows. :)

  71. Jacob

    What program/filter did you use to edit this picture? I love it.

  72. Miranda

    There is a burning ban here in central new york due to lack of rain and my cousins 13th birthday party is tonight. We usually have a bonfire with s’mores. We arn’t able to do that this year so I made these. Cant wait to try. Hopefully they are a hit. My bf tried to eat the jar of fluff on me before I made them. They never grow up I swear, but thanks for the recipe :)

  73. Ashleigh

    Mmmm … We had these for a date night in the other night and now we are making them for friends tonight … So good. I hope there won’t be any leftovers this time though; it’s hard to have these on the kitchen counter and not think about them all day!

  74. Just attempted this, it’s in the oven now! thank you so much for posting it! Can’t wait to try it!!

  75. Heather Sulzer

    Are these sturdy enough to be eaten with your hands-finger food- or do they require a fork as shown I the picture?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      When they’re warm they’re super gooey, but as they cool and solidify a fork isn’t necessary.

  76. Jessica

    Wow! These are absolutely amazing. I took them to a BBQ and they were gone before we even had dinner!

  77. Kathy

    Made these for my nephew’s birthday party today. They were a HUGE hit! I think I will use the king-sized Hershey bars next time (they were a little too rich for me) and increase the graham crackers/decrease the flour. However, AMAZING recipe. Thanks for sharing!!

  78. Jennifer

    Made these tonight for a get together. Simply. Amazing. Thanks for the recipe!

  79. Terri

    Made them tonight for the 5th or 6th time in as many weeks. Everyone loves them. I did cut down on the fluff, used the regular size Hershey bars and added mini cho chips. Also, added more graham cracker crumbs and less flour. Thanks for sharing…they are amazing!

  80. Gavin


  81. I found the best way to get the top layer on it to roll dough in between parchment paper to size of pan and then just flip the parchment paper over onto the top of pan, voila! Worked like a charm. Just thought id share!!

  82. Chris

    Hi there! These look so yummy and easy, I wanna make them for my boy :0)
    Do you think there would be any way of incorporating peanut butter into this? My son could only love them even more that way!
    Thanks so much!

  83. Erica

    To incorporate peanut butter, you could get ghiardeli peanutbutter squares or something similar for the chocolate layer. Or- throw some peanut butter chips in the mix

    • Sarah

      Perhaps spread some PB on the graham crust layer? I bet that would be super yummy, like the reeses smores that I love to make! Or… maybe you could sub reeses cups for the hersheys bars, like you would for a reeses smore?

  84. L

    you think they’d be just as good with dark chocolate?
    has anyone tried that yet?

  85. Brooke

    How do you reccomend serving them?

  86. Lisa J

    How do you store them? can you make them ahead for a party? how long do they stay soft for?

  87. Stephanie

    Just took these out of the oven, and while my house smells heavenly they look NOTHING like yours HAHAH. The marshmallow cream TOOK OVER the top of my “graham crust” and is splurging out everywhere HAHAH. I could care less what they look like though they are SOOOOO good! Just what a pregnant mommy needs to take the edge off hahah! Thanks!

  88. Lyndsay

    Has anyone made these ahead of time and put in the freezer??? Just wondering if Marshmellow fluff can be froze??? Have a family fathering and wanted to make them a week ahead.

  89. I made these bars last night but substituted the chocolate bars for 1 & 1/2 cups of milk chocolate chips and the marshmallow fluff for 1 & 1/3 cups of mini marshmallows. They were amazing warm and still good later when cooled. They didn’t last long enough to store overnight (I took them to a neighbourhood party and only got 1) but if any had remained, I think I would have put them in the microwave for 35 seconds. Thanks for posting this!

  90. Kelly M

    I just made these. I used a baking pan that has a lid. I lined the lid with foil and pressed the top crust into the lid on top of the foil. Then I lifted the lid with the foil and top crust and flipped it right on top like a pancake. I was a little bit afraid it would crumble but it held together. I had to patch a crack, so I would leave a bit out to do that with next time.

  91. amy

    Do you think i could make these a day ahead or should you wait to eat them till just after they are out of the oven? Going to a football party and feel bad to have to ask the host for me to pop something in her oven to cook.

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      You could make them the day before, but I would heat them up a little before serving them because they are better warm. :)

  92. Andriana

    I want to make these for wedding favors! How far in advance do you think I can make them and they are still good?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I’m not sure Andriana. Every time I make them they are gone in a day or two. :) You might have to make a batch and experiment.

  93. yumm sounds delish!! :)

  94. Jess

    I really want to try these, but how do I store them after baking?

  95. Rachel

    I believe that Reese’s now make a peanut butter bar, for those that would like some peanut butter in their s’mores. I would be curious to see if that might work too!

  96. Kimberly Johnson

    Can’t wait to try. I have two jars of fluff in the pantry left over from a fudge recipe and didn’t know what I would do with them. Now I know!

  97. Lynn

    I made these last night for a party today. Delicious!

    One note you may want to make: Marshmallow creme (Kraft brand) does NOT have gelatin in them. So your recipe as written is vegetarian (if the vegetarian in question is ovo/lacto).

  98. Alley a boo boo

    Made this tonight. Did not like it at all. Came out gross. Doesn’t even taste like a s’more!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      That’s strange. I can’t imagine this being gross. Did something go wrong for you perhaps? Sorry it didn’t turn out the way you expected!

  99. Brooke

    Thes turned out great but looked nothing like yours, my marshmallow fluff overflowed big time! How did you keep the fluff in the pan? They were delish anyways:)

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I really don’t know! I just made sure to smoosh the top layer together really well so there were no cracks, and I didn’t have any oozage issues. :)

    • Making these for a work BBQ on Friday! I’m going to use soynut btuter in place of peanut btuter so anyone with a nut allergy can try them as well! Can’t wait!!

  100. This was delicious! Brooke, I only put marshmallow right on the chocolate bars, leaving a little gap between marshmallow and pan, all the way around. Then when I put my top layer on I made it a little bigger so that there was enough that I could poke the excess down to the base layer, sealing in the marshmallow and chocolate. It worked great!

  101. Carla

    I just made these and they turned out perfect! They are so good!! I pressed and formed the dough for the top on a piece of parchment paper until it was the correct size and then turned it over onto the top of the marshmallow fluff. It worked great!

  102. Kate

    Making this tonight because I am sick, so I deserve a treat right? Maybe even a whole pan of treats?

  103. Melissa

    Hardest dessert i ever made lol….fluff is not easy to work with…hopefully they taste ok.

    • Awesome idea!!! I made these for my sisters beotelcrahte party and they were a huge hit with some coffee liquer!!! I used semi-sweet chocolate because i didnt have dark and it was perfect!

  104. Roni

    These were delicious! My boyfriend and I made them for his family. We used Symphony bars with the toffee bits in them instead. They turned out perfect and were a huge hit. We’re making them again next weekend too!

  105. Wow! These looks insane. Going to give them a try!

  106. Kellie

    Just made these! My fluff overflowed a little too, but I didn’t have enough dough to seal the edges since I was using a 13×9 pan. I’m sure they’ll taste the same though, excited to try!!

  107. Heather

    Made these last night with my 5 year old. They taste wonderful!!! My only recommendation to those who struggled with making sure the fluff doesn’t overflow and that the top layer seals is to double the recipe for the graham-cracker crust. It holds together much better when eating and then fully covered the top. – My husband and daughter loved this dessert when it was done, we like to serve it warmed up a bit in the microwave.

  108. Marco P. Colanta

    can you subsitute the fluff with rral marshmallows and the chocolate bars withchocolate chips?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Chocolate chips would work, but real marshmallows will harden when they cool and wouldn’t be a good substitute for fluff.

    • Peppermint

      I tried it with chocolate chips and it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to cover with fluff because the chips keep sticking to the spatula as you’re spreading it. I had to eventually just kind of evenly dollop fluff on top of the chips. So I would highly recommend using chocolate bars because it would take so much longer to spread the marshmallow fluff on otherwise.

    • Rae

      To avoid spreading issues of fluff on chocolate chips, you could melt them then pour them over the crust and wait a couple minutes for it to harden before spreading the fluff.

  109. sarah

    What size pan did you use for this it looks like a 9 x 9?

  110. Maria

    Best smores I’ve ever ate! They came out perfect!! My husband Loved it! Thanks for adding a new recipe to our list of favorite foods! :)

  111. Jo

    I tried this and i didnt add the brown sugar in because it said “sugar” and not “sugars” so… we will see how it turns out.. .

  112. How many people will one recipe feed?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Well, it’s 8″ x 8″ so it depends how many squares you cut it into. If you cut it smaller in 2″ x 2″ squares it will feed 16 people.

  113. Angeli

    I really like your version of S’mores Bars. I made it once for our trip to the beach and it was gone in a minute! So I would like to make a bigger serving. Do you have the measurements for a 13×9 pan? Do you think doubling it up would be good? Thank you very much!

  114. Casey

    I plan on making this in a 13×9 pan and i saw in the comments that most people double the recipe for that. Should I also use two eggs, or just one? Thanks!

  115. Samantha

    just pulled mine out of the oven! look & smell delicious (: so excited to try them. I also doubled the recipe.

  116. Melissa

    Wanted to try this for dinner tomorrow. Could I prepare it tonight??

  117. Carol

    This was soooooooo good! I would definitely press the dough on a wax piece of paper and then flip it onto the pan for both the bottom and top layer or its a huge headache.

  118. Genevieve

    This delicious treat is a staple now in my family, for kids & grown ups! Taste better than s’mores, mess-free & just plain yummy! My advice is to microwave the Fluff to spread WAY more easily! On a mission to make them in a muffin pan this week for a family function :-)

  119. tara

    Anyone used cinnamon graham crackers (crumbs of course)? I’m just wondering if the cinnamon would be an off flavor in this recipe. Oh well I have the crackers so I was wanting opinions. Thanks :)

  120. Lynette

    I suggest “painting” the chocolate bars with the fluff before placing them in the pan. Put a generous amount of fluff on each bar. Trying to spread them on the bars when in the pan can get frustrating!! I thought of this like a “pie” – needing to “seal” all the goodies inside!!

  121. Sally

    Looks delicious, will have to try. I would think the cinnamon grahams would be good. Cinnamon and chocolate are used together in many Mexican recipes. Great in hot cocoa, too!

  122. Candice

    I am making these tomorrow for christmas, what if you measure the chocolate, then spread the marshmallow onto it,then put it into the pan?? Just thinking it may be a tad easier easier.

  123. Amy

    This dessert was amazing! I used a spatula sprayed with cooking spray to spread the fluff on the chocolate bars. This made it really easy to spread. I also left a space around the edges and sealed the dough so nothing would ooze out. Love it!

  124. Amanda

    I made these yesterday and they were so good! I brought them in to work and my coworkers loved them so much they went back for 2nds & 3rds, and then argued over who had more than others lol. I followed the tips about molding the dough before putting it in the pan & sealed the top layer and I had no problems with the marshmallow fluff overflowing. Thanks for a great recipe! :)

  125. This worked out so so so well! They are delicious. I didn’t wait long enough for them to cool so they didn’t come out as clean, but still fabulous! Serve with a glass of cold milk :)

  126. david

    These look amazing. I can’t wait to try them. Thank you!

  127. Tiffany

    I’m so excited to try this recipe!!! I doubled it and it’s looking great in the oven;)

  128. Ted

    for the fluff application, take a large zip lock bag and put the fluff into it, microwave for 10 seconds until fluff is a bit more fluid in bag. Cut a bottom corner tip off of zip lock bag and squeeze onto chocolate bars.

  129. Brooke c

    Made these with half reg chocolates half toffee symphony bars. I also doubled the recipe and they turned out sooooo good. I also found a good trick, flattened out the top layer on wax paper then flipped it on the top, flattened it a little bit then just peeled the wax paper off.

  130. Debbie

    This is the messy-ist stuff I have ever made lol hope it turns out good wish me luck

  131. Andrea

    These look great! I think to make it less messy, I’ll use a muffin tin. Thanks for the recipe!

  132. Kathy

    I nearly made myself sick from eating these. The marshmallow fluff is a little tricky to work with but oh so worth it.

  133. Jo

    Im just about to make these and thought why not put the fluff down first then put the choco on. Wouldnt it weigh it down therefore spreading it out? Is there a reason you have to put the choco down first?

  134. I used Reese Peanut cups instead – it gave it something extra :)

  135. Oh my gosh!!! Deelish!! So much betta then original smores and not as messy. Luv them and so do the kids!!

  136. Danielle

    Hey, I just wanted to say I tried this recipe and I loved it. I switched it up and made mini-pies in a mini-cupcake pan. While there was a lot more preparation time involved, the cooking time was cut more than in half, and my family loves miniature versions of dessert so it worked out perfectly. To put the fluff in I put it in a frosting bag and piped it in and rolled the dough out into balls then flat disks and put one on the bottom and one covering the top.

  137. Michelle

    This was amazing and I just wanted to let you know!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. JAN

    THANK YOU, so, much for, this, recipe! A, boutique, in, MY, town makes, this; only, they assemble, it, differently; and, I have relatives, who, when they come to, Salt Lake City, always, stop at, ‘The Store’ Boutique; to, get, S’More Bars; in, fact, MY, Aunt said, that, she has made the trip, more-than, once, just, for, the, bars!!! I’VE, had , MY, ‘eye-out’, for the recipe, ever, since! ( They, do the crust; but, then they, dollop, the Marshmellow Creme; and, break the chocolate, into, chunks; and, then, they crumble the, upper-crust; and, then they bake-it! THANK YOU; the, crust-combo, is unparalleled! :-)

    • Abigail

      I made these last night for me and my boyfriend and he absolutely loved them! They were delicious and easy!! Thanks for the tips, they helped a lot when putting the top layer on:) The fluff was a little hard to work with, but a helpful hint is to put the fluff in the microwave for 30 second increments! It made it a lot easier to spread and worked amazing!

  139. Brooke

    My family enjoyed this! Thank you!!

  140. Amy

    I have a 7.5 ounce jar of Fluff. Does anyone know about how much of that jar the 1 1/2 cups would be? It’s so sticky, I hate to try and measure it out before spreading.

  141. Camille

    sucked, came out not good at all. and mixture was not enough to cover bottom and top layer :[ disappointed

  142. Becka

    This is in the oven now….I think I’m going to have oozing. I had a hard time with the crust…so sticky and was hard to spread. Ill report back after it comes out of the oven.

  143. Becka

    Very pleasantly surprised…it turned out well with little oozing! Very yummy and very rich. I recommend being generous and make a bit more crust than the recipe calls for. This recipe requires some patience…but the tasty result is worth it.

  144. could you use the marshmallow toppings like you use on ice cream it comes in a glass jar? its kind of like melted marshmallow.

  145. Beverly

    Should I refrigerate the leftovers or just cover them with foil and keep them on the counter?

  146. Lisa

    You can also spread the marshmallow fluff over the crust first and then layer the chocolate over the fluff. We’ve done it that way and it works fine.

  147. Alyssa

    If I use an 13×9 sheet should I just double the graham cracker crest recipe?

  148. Mal

    At what point does the brown sugar go in? With regular sugar??

  149. Made this for the first time, SUPER EASY to make. I can hardly wait to try them. Taking them to a friends for dessert after dinner.

  150. These really look yummy, I will be trying them on my kids at the first chance I get

  151. Kelsey

    How important is the Brown sugar to the recipe?

  152. ashley

    THIS IS AMAZING! cant stop eating it!

  153. Katie

    We made these a couple months ago, and we did not like them very much. It’s a shame, because they look so good, and I love s’mores. The chocolate and marshmallow part wasn’t bad, but the whole thing together wasn’t good. And by that, I mean my boyfriend and I took a couple bites and threw the rest away. :( Something resembling graham crackers a bit more would have been better. It’s a good concept, but it just didn’t work for us.

    • Mista

      You might consider using the crust recipe from a cheesecake…thats what i’m thinking about doing, i’m also doubtful on fluff so i was considering a bag of marshmallows (whatever fits) then bake till golden, here’s my cheesecake crust recipe: 1 c graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 c sugar & 1/4 c melted butter, mix together then press firmly into dish (it definitely tastes like graham cracker heaven, so this just may work 4 u & i) :) My daughter loves s’mores so i thought i would try this but the crust doesn’t sound good to me…Thank You for speaking up!!

  154. karly

    can you make a rectangle one of these??? i need to know very soon. this is a life or death situation.

    • Laura

      I just made a 9×13 rectangle (its sitting on my counter cooling as we speak…or typing) and I just doubled the recipe!!!

  155. Laura

    P.S. Just tried em…Soooo good!!! In regards to Katies comment about it resembling a graham cracker a bit more would have been better, I think I’ve often thought while enjoying traditional smores that I’d prefer a softer chewier cookie to the hard crunchy graham cracker so it totally did it for me! Glad I finally tried this recipe…Been wanting to for a while. Thanks for pinning!!!

  156. Kristi

    I was thinking of using Nutella instead of the chocolate bars. You think it would work? Thanks!

  157. CAn you use a graham cracker crust for this, then layer with chocolate and then fluff and then maybe top with smashed graham crackers with butter mixture on top of fluff then bake til melted…idk..sounds reasonable..but i’m not a baker..

    • Casey

      I was thinking the same thing! I love baking and all but I’m not good at redoing recipes and experimenting unfortunately. I’d love to look into doing something in more of a pie form, it sounds wonderful!!

  158. I wonder if you could use graham cracker pie crust break your chocale and lay in then cover with marshmellow cream then turn graham crust upside down on top then bake .I haver NEVER had a smore so I really woul not know

  159. Can you substitute margarine for the butter? I would think so but wanted to ask.THANKS,

  160. Barb

    In answer to the Nutella question my kids & I made those peanut butter & Nutella stuffed croissants & the Nutella doesn’t get melty it sort of coagulates & gets thicker less creamier so I’m not sure the s’mores would work with it!

  161. Aline

    Made this tonight and it turned out perfect :) just made sure to seal the corners. Tks for sharing this recipe!!!!

  162. Shawna Kimball

    Very easy to make. Very difficult to have just one. Super tasty!! Thanks for sharing, we loved them,

  163. Jennifer

    Love, love, love these!!! They are delicious and SO easy and quick to make! I tried them with my kids and we all loved them! I will be making these a million times:)

  164. Ashley

    These are AMAZING! Very, very rich though. I’ve got a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe & these hit the spot for my family’s movie night treat! Kids loved them & the adults loved them even more :)

  165. Lacey

    Just wondering how long these keep? We are leaving to camp tomorrow and was hoping to serve on the fourth but I was going to make them today, is that too long?

  166. Jennifer

    I have made these multiple times now and they are wonderful. I have to say that theyare best served after spending the night in the fridge (more like a chewy cookie then).I also made a gluten free version for a family member and she raved about them!! Sooo good, thanks for posting!!

  167. I shared this on our SMORE site and will be making them for our single moms. Thanks! I like you site.

  168. Toni

    Could you use actual marshmallows instead of fluff? Since they are in the middle and wouldn’t get burnt?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      Regular marshmallows will harden after they cool, and you’ll be left with hard chewy marshmallows instead of the soft creamy fluff.

  169. Michele L.

    did a double batch and for one pan I used 1 king size bar each of milk chocolate and dark chocolate, broke the squares into little squares and alternated each per row. For the 2nd pan I used reese’s cups (it took 16 cups for 8x8pan)to make them fit better, when placing them I alternated upside down and right side up. And finally last addition was after top layer of dough I crushed up more graham crackers and mixed with melted butter for a crumble top to give a little extra crunch! Turned out Great !!! Love these!Thanks for Sharing!

  170. Deb

    Omg made these for work everyone I’m mean everyone loved them!!!

  171. Lisa

    I have made this recipe 5 times in the last 2 months!! It’s incredible. Prepared exactly as directed. Wouldn’t change a thing!! We like to warm our individual servings in the microwave. It has become a very requested dessert in our family’s household!

  172. Amanda

    How important is the baking powder?

  173. McKenna

    This was absolutely delicious! I made it for an office pot luck and it was a huge hit! I didn’t split the dough in half well enough, so I was left with not an even layer on the top. This caused some marshmallow fluff to poke on through. I simply crushed up some more graham crackers and sprinkled it over the top layer about 5 minutes before the cooking time was done. Seemed to work well and added a crunchiness to it that I see some felt they were missing. SO good and SO easy to make! Definitely going to be making this again for years to come! Thank you for sharing!

  174. H.M. Bell

    Made these for my grandkids with their help. It was easy, simple, and quick to make. The marshmallow was a little messy but other then that all went smoothly. All but l said they were good. And her comment was, the marshmellow was too sweet. Thanks for the recipe. Great alternative to building a fire and fighting the bugs.

  175. Cindy

    Oh my goodness these are so freakin’ good. First time I made these they came out perfect. This time I messed up on a couple things so not as perfect but OH MY GOODNESS still to die for, just not as pretty!!

  176. Kim

    Are these served better warm or would they be okay to serve the following day?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      You can serve them the next day, but I’d recommend heating them up a little since they are best warm!

  177. Lisa

    Have made this several times and my hubby loves it! My modifications: Double the marshmallow creme and use dark choc bars instead of milk. I use an 8×8 pan and the 2 chocolate bars the recipe calls for doesn’t create a solid layer…that’s okay! Break up the chocolate and spread it around…the first time I made this it was a little chocolate heavy (I used three bars to cover the pan), but we prefer a little less so you can taste the toasted marshmallow and graham cookie more :)

  178. Alex r

    I think this is supposed to be xl chocolate bars because 2 joint size do not fit even close I was in the middle of making and had to leave 5o go back to the store to get morr and when I looked at the pictures it shows xl bars

  179. Jen

    I pinned these on Pinterest forever ago but had never got around to making them. This morning when I talked to my mom about our Thanksgiving menu, I decided we needed another dessert, so I was looking through my pins for something that seemed quick and easy. I just so happened to have all the ingredients for these (except the chocolate bars). After a quick run to the store, I had these in the oven in no time. They were a big hit! Everyone loved them.

  180. Marimar

    This recipe was amazing! My family and I LOVED it!! The perfect s’more without the campfire!

  181. Alex

    So I bought king size chocolate bars and they were way too small.. However the size called XL

  182. KellyR

    Soo… I really want to make this for my husband. However… He is stationed in S. Korea. Would I be able to mail this to him safely? Does anyone know?

  183. Nicole

    Halved the recipe for a loaf pan, they turned out delicious. Took about 30 minutes bake time. Some of the fluff came out the top, however, still tasted yummy. In the future, I’d probably make the full amount of dough for the smaller pan size, or at least extra graham cracker crumbs.

    I didn’t have any problem spreading the dough on top of the fluff, although maybe an easy solution for that would be two layers of the thinner chocolate bars on both sides of fluff. Or would that make the fluff and chocolate melt too much into each other?

  184. Anne Marie

    I was recently given a 5 pound chocolate bar and its actually harder to get eaten than I thought! glad I found this, great way to use my chocolate! thanks

  185. Ruthie

    I’ve made these twice in the last 2 weeks! Once for Mother’s Day and once to sell them for a fundraiser at my husbands work. Everyone has simply RAVED over them!! They maybe the same ingredients as a s’more but they really are on a totally different level. Thanks for the recipe!!

  186. kimi

    Simply amazing! My teenagers love me again….I think I almost got a hug! Lol…..

  187. Jessica

    I am making these for about the third time. They are delicious and always get rave reviews.

  188. Jen

    I have made these more than a handful of times, and just love them! I make a few adjustments. I use Dark Chocolate bars, and 1 1/2 jars of marshmallow fluff – not low fat treat LOL, but is really good! I also sandwich the dough between two pieces of waxed or parchment paper, then use a rolling pin to roll out the pieces. Awesome every time!

  189. I have been making these for a couple years and they are AMAZING! I usually add a little more fluff-because you can never have enough! These are always requested at any get together!! Linking back to this recipe from http://www.directorofoperations.blogspot.com

  190. Katherine

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I have made these a few times and have gotten rave reviews each time! It is definitely tempting NOT to eat the whole pan!!!!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  191. I am going to have a s’more party and make a BUNCH of these! So amazing! :)

  192. Jeanne Sheridan

    This works better if you put the marsh mellow in before the chocolate. That way you don’t have to try to spread the dough over the cream.

I love your comments more than I love chocolate (almost).


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