DIY Window Art

July 6th, 2012

Last month I was inspired by Rachel’s photos of the Fat Hen—specifically the hand written pricing on a pane of glass. I loved the look and decided to recreate it in my home. It was a great excuse to practice my hand lettering too!

I didn’t want to draw off the cuff, so I lettered a phrase from one of my favorite verses and blew it up to use as a template. If you’d like to use my template, you can download it below. You definitely don’t need to use a template though, you can just write/draw whatever you dream up. The possibilities are endless! The wet erase chalk marker (not for use on chalkboards) erases with a damp cloth, so you can draw over and over again.

It was tricky to photograph the final product since it transforms as you view it from different angles. It will look totally different at night, too! It’s really quite beautiful, and I think you’ll like it if you try it. Next time I’m going to take a looser approach and sloppily write a long quote that takes up the whole window.

DIY window glass art
DIY window glass art

Update: This is what it looks like at night! Pretty cool, right?

DIY window glass art


“you shine like stars” template (free to download here—for personal use only please)
2 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper
a printer
scissors or a paper cutter
clear tape
wet erase chalk marker (available for purchase here)

How To:

1. Print both pages of the pdf template.

2. Trim off a narrow strip on the right side of the first page of the template, and on the left side of the second page so the design bleeds off each page. (See the first photo for clarification.)

3. Line up the two pages so the letters meet seamlessly in the center. The pages will overlap about an inch or so. Tape them together when you have them perfectly aligned.

4. Now go outside and tape the template to your window facing in.

5. Go back inside. Follow the instructions on the marker packaging to get the ink flowing, and trace the template on the glass with your wet erase marker. Your final product is not going to be exact since the marker tip is quite large, so just use the template as a guideline.

6. When you’re finished tracing, go outside and remove the template from the window.

7. If desired add some doodles around the lettering. I went with triangles since I’m not quite over my triangle obsession yet.


  1. Amanda, I always swoon when I see your art, whether it’s heartfelt, like the art above, or funny like your collection of Valentine’s day cards. :) Thanks for sharing the template!

  2. So so glad to have discovered your blog..its real eye candy in addition to terrific ideas.

  3. Brilliant. I love this – what a cute and unique idea! Thanks for introducing us to this technique! I must try this! x

  4. Beautiful! Can’t wait to try. :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  5. such a neat idea! thanks for sharing

  6. Love this! And that’s one of my favorite verses, too :)

  7. This is just darling! I think I’m going to do this on a piece of glass and hang it up in my studio.

  8. Abbey

    Beautiful!! My translation reads “you are shining as illuminators” which I also think is beautiful. Great idea!!

  9. I love this… so may places in my head right now that I want to put this!!!

  10. Belinda-Jane

    Love this idea thanks…and enjoy your blog. Looks as good as it reads…I’m sure you can call yourself a true aesthete!

  11. Ann

    Oh I like this idea – thanks! I’m happy Kristen at PaperCrave linked to it.

  12. This looks so good! I went out and bought some wet chalk so I can have a go. For anyone who lives in Australia you can get them from Smiggle for relatively cheap.

  13. Gorgeous! And such an unusual idea – haven’t seen this done before!!

  14. Kenji53 from Japan

    The typeface is just so beautiful!!! Which font are you using for this? Its Brilliant!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      It’s not actually a font, I hand lettered it. Thanks for the awesome compliment! ;)

  15. love this. Going to bookmark and follow you!

  16. Oh this is lovely! I was just reading Philippians this morning and saw your link on Birch and bird and knew I had to make this. I think I am going to stitch this and hang it in my home. Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration and download.

  17. I LOVE THIS. I just painted it onto my bedroom window, and posted about it on my blog.

    Thanks for the wonderful idea & your handwriting ROCKS!

  18. DAwn

    Or go to Walmart and buy the glue pens colored and tape picture on glass and trace it let dry 24 or more depending how thick peel off glass and stick to any window tada made your own window cling.

  19. Considering I live on the third floor of a dorm, I couldn’t exactly do the window part, but what I DID do was put it on a lampshade. it looks AMAZING! I’ll have a picture (hopefully) up soon on one of my blogs… :D!

  20. I love this idea so much! I am definitely going to try this. I LOVE that it’s removable. I’m a renter and the inability to personalize things is the hardest part. I love vinyl wall decals, and I think THIS is about to be my new favorite obsession. Thank you…and my husband may or may not thank you ;)

  21. Seventeen Creek

    Absolutely beautiful! <3

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