Hand Lettering Practice #2

August 24th, 2012

I can’t tell you how excited I am that so many of you have joined me in my hand lettering practice! If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the Pinterest board where we are all posting our lettering work. There’s great new stuff popping up there everyday. You guys are seriously talented, and I think it’s awesome that we can encourage each other in our creative endeavors.

Here’s my lettering for this week. It seems that if I sketch everything out in pencil first, things turn out much better than if I just go at it with ink right away. This is going to become a new birthday card for the shop. Wouldn’t it be perfect for an older sibling’s birthday? Too bad I don’t have one!

hand lettering sketchbook 2

hand lettering sketchbook 2


  1. Kate

    I just saw this in the Pinterest group, I love it! I especially love the ‘always’ and ‘older’, beautiful!

  2. Hahahaha, I’ve been writing that in my sister’s birthday cards for years! I love your handwriting here, lovely.

  3. torrie

    i think you’re on to something here! artists sharing their work with each other on pinterest! i just commented on your hand lettering practice #1 post – but please add me to your board! i’m following! username: tapinterest!

  4. I literally laughed out loud. :)

  5. Hien

    I love all your ideas for cards :D & this one is very cute :) I try to practice my handwriting as often as I can & I hope it’s making progress :D

    username: hiieenn

  6. LilaD

    What a fun board!!! Username: SubeeHonee

  7. I would LOVE to join the board! I think my user name is I just my name…Hannah Coleman. I’ll be sure and get started soon!!

  8. Tosha

    Oooo, I love this! Gorgeous work. I’d love to be added to the board….Here I am at http://pinterest.com/toshaterp/.


  9. THE. PERFECT. CARD.! So fun and the lettering looks fantastic! I have a VERY old dad who will be seeing this card, me thinks!

    I’ve been meaning to get back into lettering, I’d love to join up!
    username on pinterest: jamieannemarie

  10. Ashleigh

    I would like to be added


  11. my username is haphotoes and I would LOVE to join!

  12. Coley

    Hi Amanda! I met you a while back at the pinterest event in Raleigh at the art museum! I’m a week behind, but i love this idea and I’d love to join. my pinterest name is: Coley
    (if you can’t find me my full name is Coley Kuyper) Thanks!! Happy lettering!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I remember Coley! What did you end up deciding about art school? Are you sticking with it or doing your own thing instead? I just sent you a board invite. :)

  13. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    Everyone up to this point should have received a board invite! :)

  14. I just stumbled across this. I’ve not tried to develop my handwriting…but I’ve always enjoyed writing and doodling) Maybe I’ll join in and try too.

    Beautiful card! If I wasn’t the oldest sibling…maybe I’d pass it along!

  15. Ooo, this looks like so much fun! Count me in! My username: melissapher

  16. I actually practiced with you this week! However, while yours came out sophisticated and gorgeous, mine looked more like it was drawn by a 5 year old after chugging 3 sodas! I would love if you could add me to the board. http://pinterest.com/thekatiemack/

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      That’s how I started out too. Believe me, practice makes all the difference! I just added you!

  17. Stephanie

    I would love to be added to the interest page :D


  18. Hi Amanda, I would to join in! You can find me here: http://pinterest.com/lazaflair/

  19. heyy add me pretty please!
    username is seddensky

  20. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    Okay, you’re all added!

  21. amanda

    hi amanda, (that’s weird, since i’m amanda too). been practicing my hand lettering too and i think joining a board would help be stay on track! my pinterest user name is ajose703

  22. What a fun board! I have pages of lettering I’ve doodled. Please add me, my username is http://pinterest.com/mollybilbow/

  23. My partner and I would love to join your Pinterest board. We’re here:



    Looks like fun!

  24. Amanda, thank you for the inspiration. I am a typography/design nut and have been dying to try some hand lettering of my own. You have inspired me!

  25. This lettering is incredible. Heading over to Pinterest now…

  26. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    I’ve added everyone up to this point!

  27. Melissa Sandstrom

    Love hand lettering. Please add me https://pinterest.com/msandstrom92/ Thanks :)

  28. I always doodled different fonts when I was younger but it never looked very pretty. I love your hand lettering! I would love to be added if your still adding people :-) Scaron http://pinterest.com/scaron/


  29. Jane Harrison

    I’d love to join the board. I’m so inspired by hand lettering. My pinterest name is janeharrison. Thanks!


  30. This is really beautiful! I have always loved hand lettering. As a kid, I would get books out from the library with different letter designs and make all my school projects all pretyy-like! And I used to be obsessed with the idea of designing my own handwritten font. Of course, I was, like 12 years old, so all my ideas contained way too many stars, hearts and teardrops!
    I am in admiration of your skill, this looks so pretty. However, being an eldest sibling myself… well, what about a response on the inside of your card saying something like ‘and probably wiser!’

  31. Tobes

    This looks awesome, I have always had fun with hand lettering and this is perfect inspiration! Can you add me to the board please?


  32. please add me! I love this idea because I could sure use some practice! :)


  33. Belinda-Jane

    Great idea, please add me too

  34. Chloe

    Started my first hand lettering project a few days before I read this post – love it! Pinterest: cchatenever

  35. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    Okay, I’ve added you all!

  36. Love your lettering! Where do you find inspiration and guidelines for this? I really should practice, I’ve always just invented it, but sounds like I might have to join pinterest… Umph

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I don’t really have any specific guidelines, I just try to be really observant about what works and what doesn’t when I’m looking at awesome hand lettering examples (usually on Pinterest ;) and hope some of it sinks in!

  37. http://pinterest.com/jarfly/

    Yay…would love this. I’m taking typography right now so I’m doing tons of inking with french curves and it makes me want to tear my hair out…but it’s worth it!

  38. I would love to be a part of this… I could always use a little more incentive to practice my hand lettering. My Pinterest username is katherineross. Fun!

  39. I would LOVE to be a part of this! It would be my ‘happy place’! My username is Sarah @ Delighting In Today

    Thanks for setting this up! :o)

  40. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    Okay, you guys have been added. :)

  41. Stacey

    Hi, Amanda! I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and am so glad I did!!! You do beautiful work and have inspired me to work on my hand lettering. Can you please add me to the practice board on Pinterest?? Thanks so much!!!


  42. These are looking fab Amanda! I’m practicing too! can you add me to the Pinterest board? username is agsieb thanks!!

  43. Miriam

    I love that you share the progression of your hand lettering. Please do add me to your Pintrest board – http://pinterest.com/miriamegreen/

  44. Andrea

    I’d like to beparto of your Pinterest board, mi username is Andii Ce R

  45. Irina

    I love your work Amanda!! I saw your cards in a stationary shop once and absolutely loved it! I would love to be part of this lettering fun on Pinterest. My username is http://www.pinterest.com/irharry/.

  46. Rosemary Gibson

    Hi there, your blog is amazing! Pinterest user name is gibro083 if you could add me that’d be great. Thanks

  47. cherie

    beautiful. would love to be added! username: thithster

  48. angie

    Hey! i just saw your drafting and i was wondering how exactly did you started writing like this? because i love how it look but i cant do it :( any advice?

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I don’t really have a secret, I just practiced a ton! Everything I made in the beginning sucked, but I stuck with it until I started improving. :)

  49. Catherine Glazner

    Hi Amanda!

    All I can say is wow! I would LOVE to join your board as well and be inspired! I am a BEGINNER- and I think that is giving me way to much credit.

    I don’t even know where to start with trying to learn how to practice lettering. What I have been doing is printing up lettering that I love and then tracing it over and over and over. When I get the feel I try it on my own, and do it over and over and over until it starts looking like the other persons font.

    Is there another way to learn how to start lettering or any tips on HOW to even start? Thank you!! I am excited to be on the board and to show my progress, I’m obsessed and finally feeling like I can actually do this!

    • Amanda (wit & whistle)

      I just sent you an invite to the board! The best way to improve is just to keep practicing. :) I like to pick a phrase and letter it multiple times. Usually each time it will look better than the last. It helps me to work in pencil first, and then go over it in pen once I like the way everything looks.

  50. Catherine Glazner

    oh! hehe pinterest user name is Catherine Glazner

  51. Hi! I know I’m pretty late in the game, but I’d love to be added to the board… is that still an option??

    un: claireandpierre

    let me know if I can still join!

    -claire sledge

  52. Jan Harrell

    Love your work and the invitation to join so we can get and give each other feedback! On your current project, I would make only one change: I would ‘ink in’ the initial stroke of the letter ‘n’ in ‘than’ just a bit more. The whole thing is wonderful! Do I need a user name?

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