10 Fingers, 10 Colors

October 16th, 2012

Mission accomplished, I painted each of my fingernails a different color! It took my entire nail polish collection to do it. All my polishes are variations of gold and purple, so luckily they ended up looking great together. But what does the fact that I keep buying the same nail polish colors over and over without realizing it say about me as a person?!

multi colored manicure

multi colored manicure

multi colored manicure

multi colored manicure

(This last shot was begging to have a color palette pulled out of it!)


  1. Dawn

    Cute and fun!

  2. Nice! (I dont think I even own more 10 nail polish colors!)

  3. Such a simple cocncept, but the results are fabulous. Definitely adding this to my to do list!

  4. I love that you created a paint palette based on your nail colors. that is so something I would do. looks great!

  5. Dana

    Yummy!! Love it!

  6. April

    Soo pretty! I never would of thought of doing that! My colors are a little more…..everywhere, so I think I would need to pick a theme. But very tempted to try this!

  7. Awesome colours! Love that maroon colour the most.

  8. Oh my goodness this is SO fun! I love the creativity of that last shot, too.

  9. Very pretty. I love the color palette!

  10. Love the color party on your finger tips! The last photo is simply art! wow!

  11. Last shot with the color palette is genious!

  12. They turned out so lovely! Makes me want to try the same, but I don’t have 10 colors and the colors I do have wouldn’t coordinate very well.

    Guess that means I need to pick up some new colors!

  13. the color palette was on point! you did a beautiful job! xo

  14. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    I’m so glad you guys like how it turned out! Definitely give it a try—it wasn’t as time consuming as I thought it would be. :)

  15. I adore this! And as I already have a few shades(??) of gold, the temptation to round out my polish collection might prove too strong…

  16. You have such lovely colors in your nail polish collection! I’m more than a bit jealous.

  17. I’m a total nail polish junkie, but have a TON of the same gray/beige color. Oh, well.

    I love your nails – I’m feeling inspired to try something similar!

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