New Zealand Days (7-10)

January 4th, 2013

Here’s another batch of New Zealand trip photos—down to fjordland and up through central South Island. Can you believe how beautiful and varied this place is? Unbelievable! We unknowingly visited when the lupines were in full bloom—field after field of sweet smelling lupines. I made Daniel pull over constantly so I could wade through them. It took serious restraint for me to only include one lupine-y photo below.

Next week I’ll have some video clips to share, and then you will have seen it all!

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

New Zealand Vacation Photos

(1 Doubtful Sound, 2 Kepler Track, 3–4 curious foliage/moss, 5 just off the road, 6–7 Clay Cliffs, 8 Mt. Cook, 9 Lake Tekapo)


  1. Isa

    That is some amazing geography! The world never runs out, huh.

  2. the last photo is especially beautiful!

  3. Wow, these are just stunning. I’m from Australia and while we’ve travelled further to Europe, USA etc, we are yet to travel across the little bit of ocean to NZ! As we start to ponder our travels for this year, NZ is coming up as a potential. It just never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it looks in photos. Happy new year!

  4. beautiful. that second shot looks like it’s out of a fairy tale.

  5. These are gorgeous. NZ is such a pretty place. Can’t wait to see the videos!

  6. Gorgeous! I have such a soft spot for lupines (my favorite book as a child was Miss Rumphius) so these are particularly beautiful to me. Stunning!

  7. such a wonderful place. I wish I could go there :(

  8. wow, those photos are stunning. makes me want to pack a bag and head to new zealand right now!


  9. NZ looks amazing! Always wanted to go! <3

  10. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing :) Making me want to be transported there immediately.

  11. These photos are so, so stunning! A few will definitely be added to my Wanderlust board on Pinterest :)

  12. Claire

    What beautiful photos! That last one, especially. Wish New Zealand weren’t so far away!

  13. Chris

    Good to hear you enjoyed your NZ trip, which I would also recommend. If you are keen on similarly stunning scenery and you are headed for Europe sometime, I would highly recommend Slovenia. Its scenery and prices beat the other alpine countries hands down. Admittedly Slovenia doesn’t have the cache (or snob factor, if you prefer) of France, Switzerland or Austria!

  14. Just stunning! I am missing warm days in the garden!

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless….Brooke
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  15. Love all these pictures!! The scenery is stunning. completely stunning :)

  16. Wow this place is stunning! GORGEOUS pictures … I need to make a trip!

  17. Such stunning photos Amanda – I’m a huge fan of nature photograph, particularly flowers so these fit this category perfectly. They’re stunning, I really ought to go since it’s so close by to where I am!

  18. Stunning photos! I’m sure you’ll love Switzerland too. Hi from a Kiwi living in Switzerland :)

  19. I LOVE that you went to New Zealand! I’m from NZ, but now live in England, and I miss it terribly! Your photos are gorgeous and make me home sick!!

  20. Diane

    I live in Oamaru now and I am glad you enjoyed our play ground :)

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