30 Minute Painting 12.3.13

December 3rd, 2013

My sister brought me a beautiful bouquet on Thanksgiving. (Thanks Michelle!) The lilies have been springing open one by one and begging to be sketched, photographed, or something. I wanted to paint them, but that would usually take me hours, and things have been so hectic around here lately I couldn’t find the time. Today I decided to set a timer and paint my flowers for 30 minutes. Whatever I had after 30 minutes, good or bad, I was going to stop working on it.

I started painting at my usual slow and careful speed, but I glanced at the timer and saw I only had 15 minutes left! I panicked a little and started slapping paint down quickly and not worrying about mixing the perfect colors or even capturing the details. Once my panic subsided I realized the 30 minute limitation was actually kind of freeing. If my painting turned out terribly it wasn’t my fault—I only had 30 minutes after all!

In the end I’m pretty happy with my 30 minute painting. It has a sloppiness that I don’t usually allow myself, and it felt great to work a bit looser and not worry about the end result. I think I might make 30 minute paintings a regular thing. You guys should try it!

30 minute painting

30 minute painting

30 minute painting

30 minute painting


  1. This turned out so beautiful! I love this idea! Thanks, Amanda :)

  2. this is so beautiful! please tell me this will be turning into a card :)

  3. Great painting. You ooze creativity from every pore. I guess the timer allows you to focus all that talent into an art laser beam. Keep ‘em coming!

  4. I love both the IDEA of the 30-minute painting AND the painting itself. I might try this sometime. Thanks for the inspiration. (The flowers are gorgeous too! Nice sister!!)

  5. Looks great! And a really good idea for gettin’ your art on with little time to spare :)

  6. The colors are wonderful, your painting looks great !
    I’ll try to make a paintng in 30 minutes, it seems fun :-)

  7. This is not good. This is toooo good. :D

  8. I think it looks awesome! It might not be a style you’re used to, but the end result is really cool.

  9. mireya pizarro

    I thought I had left a comment but don’t see it above. I was hoping to get some info. I just want to improve my skills and be more creative.

    Hi thanks for sharing this. I love this picture it motivates me to be creative. I must try this for my winter break. What kit or painting supplies did you use. I am interested in the calligraphy kit as well. I did see one at Barnes in Noble? Yes I think that everyone can create their best when they feel free and just paint or whatever it is for the love of it.

  10. Amanda (wit & whistle)

    Thanks everyone, I’m glad you like how it came out! Let me know if you try doing a 30 minute painting and how you like it. :)

  11. I LOVE your painting!!! This style really suits you – and, hint, hint – some of us would like if you put it up for sale! :)

  12. christine

    you are so talented!!!

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