Stamped Sketchbook Cover

December 5th, 2013

To be honest, the whole reason I designed the “you’re getting sleepy” stamp was because I wanted to stamp it all over my new sketchbook cover. I got a white ink pad, tested the stamp on the back cover of my old sketchbook, and grabbed my can of spray shellac to seal the ink and keep it from smearing. I thought of everything. Everything except the fact that my new sketchbook cover has a faux leather texture all over it. The bumpy texture made it impossible to stamp a clean impression, so instead of concentric squares of solid lines I ended up with dashed lines. It kinda wrecks the hypnotic effect I was going for, but I think it still looks moderately cool. I’ll have to hurry and fill this sketchbook so I can get a new smooth-covered one and try again!

stamped sketchbook cover

stamped sketchbook cover

stamped sketchbook cover

stamped sketchbook cover

I decorated my last sketchbook cover with washi tape. See?


  1. On the pebbled surface, it looks like a finger print! Neat!

  2. indymavs

    maybe it wasn’t the look you were going for, but i think it’s beautiful! still mesmerizing!

  3. Stephanie

    Did you hand-carve that? Can’t imagine doing such fiddly lines!

  4. I think it looks super cool!

  5. Janna

    So you were just featured on one of my favorite blogs-, because you’re that big of a deal. :)

  6. I’m so GLAD for Pinterest! I’ve discovered your blog long ago (I remember it was a handwriting post) but forgot to bookmark it…today trough a pin…here I am! bookmarked :)

  7. i think it looks lovely all bumpy! :)

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