Cookbook: Fresh & Fast Vegetarian

July 25th, 2014

Usually when I flip through a cookbook there are only a handful of recipes that seem appealing to me, but I added Fresh & Fast Vegetarian by Marie Simmons to my collection a while back, and it has gradually become my most used cookbook. Almost all the recipes sound delicious, so it’s hard to decide which I’ll make next. I’m not a vegetarian (although I could be if it weren’t for filet mignon and bacon), and Daniel is nearly 100% carnivore, but we’ve both enjoyed most of the recipes I’ve tried from this book. They’ve had plenty of flavor, fresh ingredients, and some are nice and spicy which distracts Daniel from the missing meat. A few of our favorites are Roasted Sweet Potatoes Topped with Quick Black Bean Chili, Red Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk and Toasted Cumin, and Coconut-Vegetable Curry with Cashews.

Take peek inside the book over on Amazon to see if you’d like it too, and maybe treat your taste buds to a little creativity!

Fresh & Fast Vegetarian by Marie Simmons

Fresh & Fast Vegetarian by Marie Simmons

Fresh & Fast Vegetarian by Marie Simmons

Fresh & Fast Vegetarian by Marie Simmons


Sketchbook 7.23.14

July 23rd, 2014

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of my 5 year anniversary deal! I’ve shipped all of your orders out, and I hope you love your goodies when they arrive. You guys are the best.

Speaking of goodies, I’m going to be adding some new cards to the shop next week. Here are a few teasers from my sketchbook!

Amanda Wright's Sketchbook, Wit & Whistle

Amanda Wright's Sketchbook, Wit & Whistle

Amanda Wright's Sketchbook, Wit & Whistle

Amanda Wright's Sketchbook, Wit & Whistle


Five Years of Wit & Whistle!

July 17th, 2014

This weekend marks a huge milestone for Wit & Whistle. Five years in business and five years of blogging. FIVE. That’s a crazy long time! I couldn’t have made it this far without you, so I want to offer up something extra special to say thanks.

Now through the end of the day Sunday, use the coupon code FIVEYEARS to take 50% off your Wit & Whistle purchase—pillows, tea towels, cards, jotters, notebooks, etc… all 50% off! In addition, starting now the first 30 orders will be shipped with a free jotter!

The 50% off discount applies to everything except rubber stamps. The discount and the free jotter offer are only valid here on, not in my Etsy shop.

I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement over the past five years. I would give you each an awkward, few-seconds-too-long hug if I could, and I’m not even a hugger!

wit & whistle 5 year anniversary


Cleaning Schedule for Slackers

July 15th, 2014

A few years ago I made a super type A cleaning schedule—remember it? I really stuck with it for a while and it worked great, every room of my house stayed consistently clean. As months passed I started to realize something about cleaning a little bit every day. It sucks. Who wants to pull out the vacuum and cleaning supplies daily? On top of that, my house got way too clean. That may not seem like a problem, but I crave the satisfaction of a good before and after. When I cleaned every day there wasn’t a noticeable difference between a dirty room and a freshly cleaned one, so I stopped feeling any sense of accomplishment.

I would like to renounce my original cleaning schedule and present my new strategy. I only clean once a week, which lets things get nice and dirty between cleanings. I allot 2 hours to frantically clean the whole house. I set a timer as I begin each step, which adds a little excitement as I race the clock (I am painfully aware of how lame that sounds). It’s not the most meticulous way to clean, and sometimes I miss a few weeks here or there, but I figure as long as nobody looks under my furniture or up at the cobwebs in the ceiling corners I’m good to go.

weekly cleaning schedule for slackers


Homemade Pickles

July 10th, 2014

I made pickles last week! I think homemade pickles are so pretty floating around in their jars with all that dill. Don’t you? I followed this simple refrigerator dill pickle recipe, but I had to wing it a bit on the measurements. The recipe doesn’t go into much detail about things like how the heck you should measure cucumber spears in cups, or how big the heads of dill should be. My pickles aren’t bad, but I wish they were saltier, and next time I will err on the side of using way too much dill rather than too little.

Have you ever made pickles? Do you even like pickles? If you don’t like pickles, wouldn’t you still make them just to see all those pretty pickles bobbing around in a jar?

homemade pickle recipe

homemade pickle recipe

homemade pickle recipe

homemade pickle recipe



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