DIY Lace Cuffs

October 2nd, 2013

Last summer I snagged one of J.Crew’s “schoolboy” blazers on sale. It’s gorgeous, and the velvet is so buttery and rich that if I were to give it a lick it would probably taste like dark chocolate. Unfortunately my beautiful blazer has been hanging in the closet unworn. The sleeves are much too short for my outrageously long arms. I’ve accepted the fact that most sleeves are going to be a bit too short on me, but these make it look like I literally stole a schoolboy’s blazer! Sadly the tailor told me the sleeves couldn’t be let out due to the button detailing on the cuffs, so I had to take matters into my own hands.

DIY Lace Cuffs

I went to the fabric store and bought a yard of wide black lace. Then, I sewed it along the inside edge of each cuff.

DIY Lace Cuffs

The lace looks pretty cute, and it added the perfect amount of length to solve my sleeve dilemma. I’m so excited to actually wear my plush velvet blazer this fall (instead of just petting it on the hanger).

DIY Lace Cuffs

DIY Lace Cuffs


Calligraphy Crash Course

September 27th, 2013

When I heard Molly Jacques was offering an online calligraphy crash course via Skillshare I signed up immediately. I got my supplies a while ago, and suspense has been building as they’ve been sitting on my desk for the past few weeks. This week the course materials were finally available!

molly jacques online calligraphy course

It’s my natural tendency to give up on anything that doesn’t come naturally to me, and calligraphy is definitely one of those things. I haven’t picked up a calligraphy pen since last year. Trying to scratch out elegant letterforms with a sharp metal pen tip gives me the same tense, clumsy feeling I get every time I put on a pair of ice skates. I find myself gripping the pen so tightly that my knuckles turn white and have to remind myself not to hold my breath. It’s nothing like the contented happiness that normally envelops me while I’m creating.

Molly’s videos are so helpful, not to mention incredibly inspiring. Beautiful letters shoot out of her pen like it’s a magic wand! I think I’ll force myself to continue through the awkwardness and fill up my whole pad of paper with practice shapes and letters. If by the last page I still feel clumsy and uncomfortable, I’ll set my pen aside knowing that I gave it my best shot. Although my hope is that at some point amidst all the practicing I’ll start to feel at ease with this weird scratchy pen. (I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of ice skating though!)

molly jacques online calligraphy course

molly jacques online calligraphy course

 I’ll bet some of you are also taking the course! Do you like it? Am I the only one with ink stained fingers?


Sketchbook Flip Through

September 24th, 2013

I recently finished filling up a sketchbook, so I thought I’d share a fast motion video flip through of the whole thing. I’ve posted photos of many of these sketches in the past, but I think there’s something special about leafing through them in their natural habitat. Plus this way you get to see all the not-so-pretty pages too!

Music: “an inherited record collection” by Lullatone



Spoiler Alert

September 20th, 2013

This summer I’ve been developing a new product line, and I’m almost ready to add these lovelies to the shop. They’ll be available in October!

Here’s a little teaser…

new wit & whistle product




Three Things

September 18th, 2013

This week I’ve been busy working on my new holiday card designs. I could share my sketches, but who wants to see holiday stuff in mid-September? So instead, three random things!

These handmade clay soaps from Herbivore Botanicals are my favorite. They lather up beautifully and I love the subtle natural scents. They even sell a beard tonic that I’m going to get Daniel for Christmas. (Don’t worry, he doesn’t read my blog he just looks at the photos so the surprise won’t be spoiled!)

herbivore botanicals soap

I’m slowly but surely making over our bedroom. Last weekend I painted the ceiling and now I’m working on painting the stained trim. Painting trim is the worst! It’s so tedious, but at least it will make a big impact. Can anybody sympathize?

painting trim

I picked up a jar of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter—a lower sugar alternative to Nutella. It is so good! I can actually taste the hazelnuts. For breakfast I’ve been spreading it on toasted slices of whole wheat cinnamon chip bread—a delicious way to start each day.

Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter



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