Bunny Sitting

My sister recently joined the ranks of house rabbit owners. She’s on vacation this week, so I get to bunny-sit my new niece, Misha the Flemish Giant. Misha is still growing, so we’re waiting to see just how giant she’ll get! Right now she’s about Mabel’s size. Watching a big bunny and a small dog entertain each other might be the cutest thing ever.

flemish giant house rabbit

Mabel and Misha like to play a sort of whac-a-mole inspired game. Misha hides under the bed poking her nose out in different places, and Mabel rushes over every time she spots her.flemish giant house rabbit

Then, while Mabel is still looking under the bed where she last saw the bunny, Misha pops out from under the other side and sneaks up on Mabel from behind.

flemish giant house rabbit

It’s kind of hilarious.

flemish giant house rabbit

Aww, bunny butt!

New Stamps!

As promised, I just added a batch of new stamps to the shop!

Every geology teacher needs to own this “you rock” stamp, so if you know a geology teacher send them my way. (Great for non-geology teachers, too.)

you rock rubber stamp

A long while ago a customer suggested that I come up with a “please deliver to” stamp without the lines underneath. So finally, here it is!

please deliver to stamp

Gold stars are the best rewards. Here’s a gold star stamp, because stamps are cooler than those little foil stickers.

gold star rubber stamp

A big thank you to Lara for suggesting that I create a “do not bend” stamp for photos. I had a blast looking at old cameras to coming up with this design.

camera do not bend rubber stamp

This “not a bill” stamp will ensure that your outgoing happy mail isn’t mistaken for sad mail.

not a bill rubber stamp

This ribbon award stamp is great for a zillion occasions, but I’d recommend using it for something sarcastic. For example, make a “most dirty dishes left in the sink” award for your roommate/husband.

ribbon award rubber stamp

Sketchbook 11.14.14

I’ve got some sketchbook pages to share! First of all, I’m going to be adding a batch of new rubber stamps to the shop next week! Here’s a little teaser, although some of the final designs changed quite a bit from these original sketches.

wit & whistle sketchbook

wit & whistle sketchbook

wit & whistle sketchbook

I did the produce basket sketches below as I worked on a card design for Water for Good, a non-profit organization working to improve the living conditions in the Central African Republic. They’re offering charitable gift cards for the holidays—perfect for that person who already has everything. You can peek at the final card design I contributed to represent their agricultural program right here. There are gift cards designed by other artists available for their well drilling efforts and radio program, too. Pretty cool!

wit & whistle sketchbook

wit & whistle sketchbook

Fall Love List

I’m hoping you’ll allow me one more fall themed post! The Japanese maple tree in our front yard is on fire right now, and I couldn’t help grabbing my camera. This past summer I posted a list of all the things I love about summer, and now I want to do the same for fall since it is my favorite! What would you include on your fall love list? Did I miss anything?

fall love list

fall love list

fall love list

stuff I found on the ground

You guys, there’s a crazy amount of beautiful stuff on the ground outside our house right now. We haven’t even hit maximum fall foliage color yet, so it’s only going to get better! Here’s a small sampling. Gorgeous right? I’m constantly resisting the urge to drag it all inside and keep it forever. Fall is the best season, don’t you agree?

stuff i found on the ground in the fall