Sketchbook 8.22.14

August 22nd, 2014

A bunch of you have expressed interest in my busy as a bee notepads, so I’m having another batch printed soon. I’m also sketching out a handful of new notepad designs. I can’t picture how they’re going to turn out just yet, but I’m having a great time working on them!

Wit & Whistle Sketchbook

Wit & Whistle Sketchbook

Wit & Whistle Sketchbook


Three Things

August 20th, 2014

1. I’ve been having way too much fun rolling around the house in these.

roller skates

2. I’ve always wanted to grow herbs on my kitchen counter, but there’s not enough sunlight in there. So, I decided to get a cheap grow light (which unfortunately emits a gross neon purple glow) and picked up some herbs. If the light is enough to keep them growing, I’m heading to the pottery studio to make myself an assortment of pots to plant them in.

grow light herb garden

3. I never really liked tomatoes until I tasted my first perfectly ripe, locally grown heirloom tomato. Those pale sickly grocery store tomatoes aren’t really tomatoes at all! Now I’m hooked on the heirloom cherry tomatoes that come in our produce deliveries. They have so much flavor, and each color tastes completely different. I like to slice them all in half and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on them before I eat them. Drool.

heirloom cherry tomatoes


Front Door Colors

August 14th, 2014

Over the past few weeks we’ve been having tons of repairs done on the exterior of our house, and now we’re having it painted. The guys asked if I wanted the front door painted, and now I’m stumped. Have I ever told you how much I hate picking colors? I love blacks, beiges, greys, whites, and browns. I would make everything monotone if I could get away with it. I’m tempted to go with my gut and just paint the door dark brown, but maybe it would be fun to have a quirky door, even though I know I’ll get sick of it in 6 months and have to repaint. I did some rough Photoshop work to try out a few different colors.

Emerald green is nice and alpine-y, just like our house!

front door colors

I like robin’s egg blue next to the brown trim and siding.

front door colors

A deep, velvety cranberry color might work.

front door colors

I also have to decide what color to stain the deck, so let me know if you’ve seen any good deck inspiration lately. I have no idea. I suggested staining it the same color as the trim and the guy looked at me like I was crazy, so maybe that’s weird. I’ve never even considered what color decks should be, I just know I don’t like the faded pinkish brown ours is now!

What color is your front door?


A Bug’s Eye View

August 12th, 2014

Here’s a little tour of my garden from a bug’s perspective!
(I used my backwards mounted 50mm lens to capture this footage.)

Music: “little things swimming under a microscope” by Lullatone


Two Duvets, One Bed

August 7th, 2014

When we visited Iceland a while back, I got some of the most sound sleep I’ve had in recent memory. Instead of a top sheet and one big comforter draped over the bed, Icelandic double beds are topped with two fluffy down duvets (untucked) and no top sheet at all. I had a whole duvet to myself (with no one yanking it away in the middle of the night), and I slept like a rock. I went home thinking Iceland was just a magical place, and I would never sleep that well again. It didn’t cross my mind to change our bedding at home until the hotels in Switzerland had the same kind of bedding, and once again I slept great. If you share a bed, two untucked duvets with no top sheet is genius. Think about it…

  • no more tug-of-war over shared covers (this is huge)
  • there’s no top sheet that will untuck from the foot of the bed, creep up, and tangle around your feet
  • no worries about having the proper comforter to sheet ratio on each side of the bed
  • if you share your bed with a night farter, offensive smells will be trapped under their duvet (not yours)
  • your duvet will be left unscathed if your sleep walking spouse regularly pulls the covers off the bed and wanders around the house with them in the middle of the night
  • you can bunch up your duvet however you want, stick your feet out the bottom, whatever, and it won’t disturb your bed buddy’s slumber

So, is your mind blown?! Are you going to rush out and buy two duvets? Our queen sized bed is now topped with two twin duvets, and we love it! I only have two problems with our new and improved bedding set up. First, frequent duvet washing is kind of a pain in the butt, but we’re getting better at un-stuffing and re-stuffing them quickly. Second, I can’t figure out how to make our bed! It was so easy before, and now I’m bewildered. Here are the bed making options I’ve come up with.

1. Wad up both duvets and leave them in the middle of the bed. (Our current technique.)

two duvets one bed

2. Spread the duvets out side by side. Not much better looking than the wadding method.

two duvets one bed

3. Fold each duvet in half and lay them next to each other. This screams “dorm room” to me.

two duvets one bed

4. Drape a blanket over the “dorm room” technique. It helps a bit.

two duvets one bed

5. This is how the beds in Switzerland were made up, with each duvet folded in thirds. It’s not too shabby, but I don’t love it, and it’s annoying to have to unfold that much when you get into bed.

two duvets one bed

6. This is my favorite look—fold each duvet into thirds and top it with a tucked in blanket. Let’s face it though, I’m too lazy to do all that folding and tucking every morning. Maybe we’ll stick with the wadding method on a daily basis, and save this for special occasions.

two duvets one bed

Which is your favorite? Is there some trick to making a double duvet bed that I’m missing?



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