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Drawing Challenge 2016 – Week 4

This was the last week of my drawing challenge! I’m really glad I took it on. It helped me (mostly) maintain my sanity amidst the new baby madness. (I’ll have some baby pics for you next week.)

7. draw a houseplant

My Christmas cactus is blooming! I’ve had it for years and it never flowered, but I finally figured out why. I keep it in a room with lights on almost 24-7, and they need a period of dark to bloom. So in the fall I moved it to the basement for about a month, just until it developed buds. Then I brought it back upstairs, and voilà—it’s blooming like a champ!

drawing challenge

8. draw something geometric

Is there anything more geometric than squares and cubes? I think not.

drawing challenge

Drawing Challenge 2016 – Week 2

I’m a little late posting my drawings for week 2 of the drawing challenge, but I finally got them done! I love using this pocket box of watercolors when I want to add color to my sketches.

3. draw your favorite letter of the alphabet

After much consideration I decided capital letter “H” is my favorite. It’s so sturdy, symmetrical, and balanced.

wit & whistle drawing challenge

wit & whistle drawing challenge

4. draw a map

Iceland is one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. It’s obvious from my map I didn’t get to explore northern Iceland, so I’ll have to go back some day!

wit & whistle drawing challenge