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Sketchbook 7.23.14

Posted by Amanda (wit & whistle) on July 23rd, 2014 under Creative Tags: , , , , ,  •  6 Comments

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of my 5 year anniversary deal! I’ve shipped all of your orders out, and I hope you love your goodies when they arrive. You guys are the best. Speaking of goodies, I’m going to be adding some new cards to the shop next week. Here are a few […]

Sketchbook 7.3.14

Posted by Amanda (wit & whistle) on July 3rd, 2014 under Creative Tags: , , , , , , ,  •  9 Comments

I’ve been sketching some new everyday card designs! Sometimes if I can’t quite picture a design in my head before I draw it… I have to draw it twice (sometimes more) before it turns into something I like. Elephants are cute, but do those look like peanuts or footprints to you? I’ve also got a […]

Gold Leaf Sketchbook Cover

Posted by Amanda (wit & whistle) on June 10th, 2014 under Creative, DIY Tags: , , , , , ,  •  3 Comments

When Joel and Ashley of This Paper Ship shared a photo of their gold leaf sketchbook cover a while back, I knew I had to try out Krylon’s gold leafing paint pen on my next sketchbook’s cover. This pen is awesome. Anything you draw with it looks like a masterpiece. For example, I drew a bunch of […]

Star Fruit

Posted by Amanda (wit & whistle) on June 5th, 2014 under Creative Tags: , , , ,  •  15 Comments

Before today I had never tried a star fruit. They are so beautifully shaped and their subtle translucency makes them seem to glow from within, especially if you hold them up to a window like so… I was expecting something crazy inside, but the flesh was very similar to a pear. I should’ve let mine […]

Sketchbook Flip Through

Posted by Amanda (wit & whistle) on June 3rd, 2014 under Creative Tags: , , , , ,  •  23 Comments

I filled up another sketchbook, so here’s a quick cover to cover flip through. Whenever it’s time for me to get a new sketchbook I’m always a little nervous, because I have no idea what I’m going to fill it with. Somehow it always gets filled though, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about it […]


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