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This week I hired an office manager! I’d like to introduce my first employee ever, Shawn Nichols. She’s amazing, and she also happens to be my mom! I gotta say, it’s a huge bonus to have an employee that loves your baby as much as you do and doesn’t mind changing a few diapers.

Balancing baby and business has been quite a challenge. I’ve been able to keep up with order fulfillment, but I haven’t had time to do much creating over the past 9 months. With my mom taking over packaging, shipping, inventory management, and more, I should be back to my sketchbook soon.

Here’s Fern helping the Office Manager package today’s orders…



Kidding… the baby is not allowed to drool on outgoing shipments. ;)

Seven Years of Wit & Whistle!

Oh my gosh, today is Wit & Whistle’s seventh birthday! It has been such a privilege to run my own business for so long. Thanks a million for supporting my efforts and helping make it possible. This year has been one of the hardest as I’ve struggled to balance motherhood and business, and I’m so grateful you’ve stuck with me through it all!

Next year I might need a bigger cupcake…

blogiversary 7

My Christmas in July sale is still going strong! While supplies last all holiday cards are 50% off through the end of the month. (no coupon code needed)


There’s not much to report around here, but I’m making slow, steady progress on those new pins. Here’s a little peek!

pin progress

pin progress

Pin Decisions

Holy cow! After less than a month I’m nearly sold out of my uterus pins. Thank you to everyone who ordered! Now I’m creating a whole line of enamel pins. Here’s a little sketchbook process…

wit & whistle enamel pins

wit & whistle enamel pins

Some of these concecepts haven’t made it to their final forms yet, but a bunch have! I’m trying to decide which 4 or 5 of the pin designs below to add to the shop first. Which are your favorites? I want them all!

wit & whistle enamel pins

1. stag beetle “love bug” pin
2. green thumb pin
3. draw something pencil pin
4. smarty pants pin
5. egg & sperm pin
6. Pilea peperomioides pin (my favorite houseplant)
7. tea lover pin
8. crazy plant lady pin
9. heart eyes turd & fly pin set