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Mobile Friendly

Sometimes it might look like it, but running Wit & Whistle isn’t all fun and drawing naked dudes and fetuses. I also spend a lot of time doing crappy stuff like bookkeeping, taxes, and web programming. It has been four years since I designed my current site, but now that being “mobile friendly” is a thing we all have to worry about, I’m redesigning it and switching to a new e-commerce plugin while I’m at it. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I know just enough about web programming that I’d feel silly hiring someone else to do it for me. So, for the past week I’ve been hacking away at CSS and staring blankly at PHP. My favorite part about PHP is that one teeny tiny typo will cause your entire website (including the WordPress editor) to disappear. It’s the best.


In spite of all the frustration, I’m getting a tortured sense of satisfaction now that things are slowly coming together. I’m hoping to go live with the new site sometime next week. Actually I don’t know if that’s possible, but declaring it here on the blog makes it an official deadline that I have to meet. Better place your orders now before I post the new site and everything breaks. Ha!! Just kidding. (I hope.)

Look! The test site fits on my phone. There’s a little menu button and everything. Not too shabby for I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing programming, eh?


Okay… what a boring post, but this is really all I’ve been working on lately, so welcome to my boring life!

Six Years of Wit & Whistle!

Today is Wit & Whistle’s sixth birthday! The last six years have flown by, and I’ve loved every minute. To celebrate you can use the coupon code SIXYEARS to take 15% off everything in the shop through the end of the day tomorrow. Thanks a million for sticking with me all this time—your friendship and support mean the world to me!

wit & whistle anniversary

(The coupon code is only valid for purchases made on, and the offer expires on Tuesday July 21st at 11:59pm EST.)

Let’s Talk About Wholesale

I know a bunch of you are fellow makers and small business owners, so let’s talk about wholesale for a minute. Do you sell your products to retailers? When I started Wit & Whistle I didn’t even consider selling wholesale, but one day a store wrote and asked for my catalog. I quickly googled “selling wholesale”, whipped up a makeshift catalog, and sent it over. Since then selling directly to stores has become a big part of my business.

I recently did an interview for One Woman Shop (along with Mei Pak and Jennifer Hill) about selling wholesale as a “solopreneur”. If you’d like to check it out, you can read the interview right here.

wit & whistle wholesale

Shop Talk

A few Wit & Whistle-y things…

Here’s a peek at a new item I’ll be adding to the shop sometime in the next week or two—just as soon as I figure out the ins and outs of shipping with mailing tubes. They’re huge hand-drawn world maps printed on kraft paper! I kinda want to keep them all and wallpaper my house with them.

wit & whistle world map

My “Knocked Up” Father’s Day card just got a fresh new look. Apparently I can’t let well enough alone, and I have to keep messing with my older designs.

funny father's day card

Once I sell out of the spiral notebooks I have in stock, I’m not going to be printing any more for the foreseeable future. If you’ve had your eye on one make sure to grab it before it’s gone!

wit & whistle spiral notebooks