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Style: Bumble Bee

I’m really into yellow lately—especially yellow and black. I’ve never been a big yellow fan in the past. I think it had something to do with not liking all the yellow candy flavors—yellow Starbursts, yellow Skittles, yellow gum drops, yellow jelly beans, yellow Mike and Ikes etc… As long as I don’t have to eat it in candy form yellow is OK by me!

Here’s an all-Etsy outfit to start the week off on a sunny note.

yellow black etsy outfit

1 The Canary Dress from hollystalder
2 Yellow and Black Swirl Clutch from kailochic
3 Crochet Onyx Necklace from orithadad
4 1970s Vintage Black Leather Heels from zwzzy

Style: Polka Dots Please

I need more polka dots in my life. I also need pants that are this length. They are supposed to be a little short, whereas most pants I try on are unintentionally too short!
polka dot outfit

1 Polka Dot Knit Top from Forever21
2 Hearts of Darkness Necklace from ModCloth
3 BDG Grazer Cigarette Jean from Urban Outfitters
4 Mocha Flowers bag from Eight Seasons
5 Canvas Pump from Urban Outfitters

Style: At Ease, Soldier

I love military style blazers. Something about all those unnecessary buttons really tickles my fancy. If I had one I think I’d walk around saluting everyone.

military jacket

1 Military Mac Jacket from Oasis
2 Vintage Bateau Top from J.Crew
3 Fabric Woven Hoop Earrings from Charlotte Russe
4 Tanya Skinny Jeans from Charlotte Russe
5 Metallic Leather Clutch from Felice

Style: Playing in the Dirt

We spent Saturday morning at the garden shop and dug holes in the yard all afternoon. The bushes and dogwood tree have been planted! According to my husband I look ridiculous when I dig. I believe his exact wording was “you’re making a spectacle of yourself!” Maybe I would be the good kind of spectacle if I was wearing this gardening ensemble…

gardening outfit

1 Soft Striped Tank from Forever21
2 Clementine Beads Garden Gloves from Hable Construction
3 Staring at Stars Short Brim Straw Floppy Hat from Urban Outfitters
4 Malindi Crocs from Piperlime
5 Distressed Boyfriend Shorts from Old Navy