Milk Glass: Not Just for Grannies

I recently discovered milk glass, and I think a lot of people associate it with tacky grandma clutter. Luckily I never made that association so I have an unbiased view: milk glass is awesome. Granted some of the patterns are lame (white grape vines? no thanks), but I LOVE the hobnail design. It looks so modern in the right context.

I purchased a few vintage milk glass pieces from ebay, and they are perfect storage containers for my bathroom essentials. Bobby pins, makeup brushes, my contacts case, cotton balls, q-tips. We even have our toothbrushes in one!

I love how crisp they look against our soft gray bathroom walls.


  1. amanda

    I love Milk Glass- My grandma had it (but hey even now she is only 64) and we had the awful white grape vines but even still I think it’s pretty. I do like the hobnail stuff- looks great on that wall. We are thinking of painting our bedroom a grayish color and I think that this stuff with look really cool with our bedroom set.

    Great Idea!

  2. Wit & Whistle Post author

    We painted our bedroom a gray color too. It’s so nice and relaxing! I hope you guys got everything moved into your new house ok! I bet you’re exhausted!

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