House Numbers

We don’t have house numbers (unless a few tiny faded stickers on our mail box count). Lowes and Home Depot don’t have much in terms of variety as far as house numbers go, so I thought I’d see what the internet has to offer. I can’t believe how expensive small metal numbers are, and we only have a 3 number address! Of course my favorite (Neutra Numbers) is $48 a number. Maybe I will make my own out of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil.

P.S. Aren’t the naked lady house numbers hilarious?

house numbers

Log House Numbers $19.95 each
Sausalito House Numbers $18 each
Domicile House Numbers $18 each
House Art House Numbers $28.00 each
Verdi House Numbers $10.00 each
Neutra House Numbers $48 each
Mission Numbers $10 each
Joan of Art House Numbers
Signo House Numbers $27.00 each
Standard House Numbers $10.00 each

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