Elizabeth Rosas Jewelry = Awesome

I can hardly keep myself from buying everything in Libby’s shop. Her photography is beautiful, her jewelry is beautiful, and even her writing is beautiful! Here is an excerpt from her Etsy featured seller interview:

“My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Libby—since we’re friends now. When I was 5 years old, I lived in a dusty town, in a little apartment, across the street from the train tracks. I didn’t know it then but I really liked the sound of the train, especially the deafening whistle. Back then my best friend was Hilda. We skipped on the tracks and burnt our bare feet but most of the time we played a game called “make believe”. We put on poofy, scratchy, gold and blue tulle dresses from my mother’s closet and fought over rhinestone bracelets from my grandmother’s jewelry box. We named ourselves Dynamite and Jennifer.”

I love people that write about everyday things and make it sound magical. Don’t you?

eRosas handmade jewelry

Photos by Elizabeth Rosas


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