For the Birds

I am a winter girl. I love rosy cheeks, cold noses, mittens, scarves, hot chocolate, and cute boots. One of my favorite things about winter is that our bird feeders get a lot of extra traffic. We put out suet cake to attract woodpeckers (they obviously prefer the peanut flavor), and we have a wire bird feeder (similar to¬†this) filled with black oil sunflower seeds. The wire feeder lets squirrels eat too but is chew proof so they can’t gnaw a big hole and empty the feeder. Even our friendly backyard raccoon hasn’t been able to destroy it, in spite of trying!

Maybe one day I’ll have an awesome zoom lens so I can photograph them myself, but until then here are a few of the species that frequent our bird buffet.

Who lives in your backyard?

backyard wild birds

1. black capped chickadee photograph by tinyfishy
2. red bellied woodpecker photograph by scooter_72
3. cardinal photograph by redow
4. white breasted nuthatch photograph by vzonabaxter
5. northern flicker photograph by janlyall
6. blue bird photograph by mimbrava
7. carolina wren photograph by bahketni
8. mourning dove photograph by R Hanson
9. downy woodpecker photograph by flipkeat
10. titmouse photograph by Tampen
11. blue jay photograph by Modest and Jill
12. pileated woodpecker photograph by amaw


  1. Kelly

    Those are just about our birds. We put out seeds and a suet cake too! I’ve always wanted to try making my own, but it sounds like a fairly gross task lol

  2. Wit & Whistle Post author

    Maybe one day I’ll try making suet and post it on the blog. It will be gross. It’s icky to just touch the pre-made cake to get it out of the packaging!

  3. Rebecca

    These images are so beautiful. Birds have such great fashion sense – look at those stunning colours! ;) There’s been a sweet little robin that’s been paying me some visits during the winter.

  4. Susan

    We have almost the same little fellows, but have yet to see a blue bird or a pileated woodpecker (still hoping to see both). We do however, in addition to the birds above, have a lot of starlings, grackles, red wing blackbirds and house finches (the ones with red breasts). Also more house sparrows and robins than we can shake a stick at. There’s also a red tailed hawk who spends a lot of time looking for critters in the yard, but doesn’t seem to have found any he’s interested in yet (thankfully!). We have not tried the peanut butter flavored suet yet … thanks for the tip.

  5. Wit & Whistle Post author

    Susan – We didn’t have blue birds or pileated woodpeckers until we put out the peanut butter suet, so hopefully that will do the trick for you too!

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