Spring 2010: The Plan

In an attempt to overcome my gardening jitters I came up with a plan. This is my first attempt at gardening/landscaping, so I want to keep things simple for now. I’m going to start with some evergreen shrubberies (yes, I’m thinking of Monty Python) along the front of the house. Baby steps!

Here are my goals for this spring (to be crossed off when completed):

  1. Learn to efficiently dig a hole (and be able to do so without looking too silly).
  2. Purchase and plant the shrubs, trees and plants mapped out below.
  3. Install a flagstone path from the driveway to the front stairs.
  4. Define “natural areas” with mulch so they look neat even if they aren’t filled with plants. (Right now our natural areas are a bit too natural!)
  5. If numbers 1-4 don’t ¬†give me too much trouble I’ll start planting ferns, hostas and other shade loving plants in the natural areas.

Garden map sketch

Now bring me a shrubbery!


  1. Wit & Whistle Post author

    jennymarie – That’s awesome! I actually just went to Home Depot this morning and found flagstone pieces attached to mesh sheets like how you buy mosaic tiles. I think building the path will be a lot easier than I thought!

    I used Adobe Illustrator to draw my plan.

  2. jennymarie

    I’ve seen those too! It makes you look AND feel pro ;) Congrats on crossing off #3 soon!

    On my most recent trip to the HD, I found red mulch! Fun way to brighten up an area (in reference to #4)

  3. Michelle

    hmm… shouldn’t you get to cross #3 off now? or did the rain wash it away? Can’t wait to see it on Sunday! :D

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