Pollen Season is Upon Us

I cannot stop sneezing! It’s almost like there’s a cat wrapped around my face. (I’m allergic to cats.) I have to quarantine myself inside until the yellow stuff disappears.

Pollen Season handmade products

1 Honey Jasmine Natural Perfume from SpaGoddess
2 Collecting Pollen – 8×10 Print from McClainCreations
3 Honey Mint Jelly from Indelisa
4 Buttercup Knit Scarf from TickledPinkKnits
5 Lemon Poppy Seed Soap from battysbath
6 Little Drops Of Sun Earrings from teeniebirdie


  1. eric at my first garage

    I know exactly what you mean. For me, allergies hit earlier in the year, and nothing I do seems to help. Hope you feel better soon!

    PS – I found your great blog through a comment you left on Young House Love.

  2. Wit & Whistle Post author

    Thanks Eric. Hopefully Benadryl and Allegra will do the trick!

    p.s. LOVE the baby plant photos on your blog! Those are gorgeous!

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