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What do you think about aquariums? Every few years I get an aquarium craving, but once I do a little research and get an eyeful of plastic plants, fish poop, strange glowing lights, and messy cords I never follow through.

These beauties at Aqua Forest Aquarium might finally convince me to take the plunge! I would love to own a miniature underwater landscape inhabited by magical fish birds. Wouldn’t you?

Check out their gallery to see more or their shop to make your own.

designer aquariums


  1. Monika

    I find fish calming – I had aquarium a long time ago and I loved to watch it for hours. It is so relaxing. And now you have so many possibilities to make it beautiful. These pictures are awesome. Go for it!

  2. dee

    My favorite part of my aquariums, is that my boyfriend takes care of the big one (55 gal), so I only have to take care of my small (4 gal) one. And he mostly takes care of mine too. lol. We have all live plants, which is the way to go. So much prettier then the plastic ones!

  3. jill

    I just finished making a live planted terrarium, which has a crested gecko in it; not fish. Its great to look at and not very much work at all, all I do is mist it once or twice a day, and although I do have lights on mine, its not really a necessity, so you wouldn’t have to deal with cords if you didn’t want to. Its a great way to have something nice and green inside my tiny apartment.

  4. Wit & Whistle Post author

    Jill – I just googled “crested gecko” and they are SO cute! Your terrarium sounds awesome.

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