Breaking Ground on the Flagstone Path

Yesterday I started working on theĀ flagstone path. It turns out that removing the gravel from the old path is really hard. It also turns out that I have no upper body strength whatsoever. After an hour of gravel hacking I couldn’t move my arms anymore. Sometimes I wish I had big burly man arms. My new plan is to leave the rest of the gravel as is and install the path on top.

Look at the slimy new friend Daniel found under one of the old stepping stones!

salamander in the garden


  1. Shawn

    He is a beauty! I am glad he was relocated on the property. But I am trying to picture you with big burly mad arms, an odd image to be sure.

  2. Kelly

    “Actually we let the dogs play with it until it was dead” HAHA. Your husband’s posts are always hilarious… That’s one cute salamander.

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