Chalkboard Room

Do you get Anthropologie’s catalog in the mail? I rarely buy anything due to the prices, but their catalog is stunning. Each month they completely change the format, layout, and theme. Even my husband likes looking through them, and he has zero interest in any of their products.

I can’t stop thinking about the chalkboard room they used this month to showcase their products. This may not be a very practical idea, but I love it. I think it could definitely work in a half bath. You could draw a mirror over the vanity, some frames on the wall, an arrangement of vases “sitting” on the back of the toilet, and a window if there was no actual window. You could even leave a cup of chalk for guests to doodle while they pee. It would be great!

chalkboard room


  1. Kelly

    My god, that room would make me so OCD at first LOL. I’d be like- wait, no that line isn’t straight. …No, that’s not right. hahaha

  2. Jenna

    This is super cool looking but even thinking about chalk gives me goosebumps so I think it would be hell to have a room like that!

  3. Jenna

    Not really the chalk so much (although it does bother my skin) as the overwhelming terror of the possibility of something scraping on the chalkboard. AAAHHH makes me want to throw up even thinking about it.

  4. Wit & Whistle Post author

    Haha you weirdo! Ok, so you just cover your walls in dry erase boards instead of chalkboards. ; )

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