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One day I’d like to have a home library with a big cozy armchair, a ladder to reach the high shelves, and tons of natural light. In the meantime I should probably watch less TV, start reading more, and build up my book collection.

book shelves home library

Photos by Design Sponge and Desire to Inspire

Check out these classic books at Anthropologie. $2 used books are more my speed, but wouldn’t these look beautiful lined up on a shelf?

classic book anthropologie

Do you have any book recommendations? What’s your favorite classic book? I hated Great Expectations and loved Brave New World.


  1. Kelly

    Those books are sooo awesome. That’d be so cute for one single small bookshelf/area that needs a little something. But if I were building a big library like you said, I’d go with the $2 books as well. Just because it would drive me crazy they all didn’t match like the other pretty ones LOL. I so don’t have enough books for a library either and I’m a total reader… I post up mine all on unless I *REALLY* love it (have about 20 or so). You should make an account on That really gets you reading.

  2. Shawn

    I am afraid none of the chairs in the pictures look very comfy for curling up in. I am sure you would find the perfect reading chair. Be sure to post it when you do. As for a favorite book… I will have to think on that one.

  3. Wit & Whistle Post author

    Stephanie – I added Anna Karenin to my wishlist. : )

    Kelly – Oh my gosh, and both look awesome! I’m going to go try them out right away. Thanks!

  4. Cristi

    I love the Penguin Classics books. I’ve gotten mine off Amazon, so they’re closer to $13 than $20, not too bad. As for classics, I love Oliver Twist and Kidnapped. I’m also a sucker for anything Jules Verne and Mark Twain. Such great imagery from those two.

  5. Kelly

    Wit & Whistle- You’re welcome! Thank you for the Twitter @reply with the referral idea! So sweet.

    Michelle- Same, I start thinking about Gaston. LOL, “No one talks like Gaston, no one laughs like Gaston,” la la la la.

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