DIY: Fire Extinguisher Vase

My Dad is a bit of a pyromaniac, so he keeps plenty of fire extinguishers on hand. He passed an empty one on to me, and with a little paint it makes a great vase! Now if only I could get my hands on one of those huge commercial sized extinguishers…

You’ll Need:
Fire Extinguisher DIY

an empty fire extinguisher (with the nozzle removed)
1/2″ wide masking tape
primer for metal
paint brush or sponge brushes
2 acrylic paint colors (spray paint would also work well!)
clear spray sealant (optional)

Fire Extinguisher vase tutorial

1. Soak your empty fire extinguisher in warm water and remove as much of the label as possible. A razor blade may be helpful to scrape off stubborn labels. Just watch your fingers!
2. Paint the fire extinguisher with primer and let it dry completely. You may need to apply two or three coats of primer.
3. Paint the entire fire extinguisher with the lighter of your acrylic paint colors and let it dry.
4. Tape the extinguisher on all sides from the lip of the opening down to the base. (See photo.)
5. Paint the vase with the second paint color and let it dry.
6. Remove tape.
7. Touch up any areas where paint oozed under the tape.
8. If desired spray the vase with clear sealant coat to protect the paint.
9. Enjoy!


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