Style: Broccoli and Cheese

I almost never tuck my shirt in, but I’m starting to think the best way to wear a skirt is to tuck a cute tank into it and put on a big chunky belt. How do you wear skirts?

This skirt reminds me of broccoli, so naturally I had to pair it with some Velveeta cheese colored shoes!

green yellow outfit

1 Mossy Atoms Skirt from Anthropologie
2 Petal-trim Tank from Old Navy
3 Roses in Dark Plum bag from Eight Seasons
4 Lattice Belt from Forever21
5 Lucky Brand Birna flats from Piperlime


  1. Shawn

    When I wear skirts, and I do sometimes, I usually wear my shirt out. But I kind of like your idea of tucked in with a ‘funky’ chunky belt. I think I am going to start looking at ads for ideas. Thanks for starting my thought processes going.

  2. Kelly

    That outfit is SOOOO cute! Everything, oh my gosh. Hmm, when I wear skirts I just wear them simply. And I only like to wear them in the winter with tights and boots and a v-neck sweater.

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