Brooch Bouquets

If I could rewind the past four years and redo my wedding I would want to carry one of these stunning brooch bouquet’s down the aisle. I bet I could even persuade Lionsgate Designs to include some of the brooches my grandma gave me from her jewelry collection.

Now where can I get a time machine?

wedding brooch bouquet


  1. Steph

    That third one has some fantastic color scheme goin’ on! I must be ready for Fall and cooler weather! Too bad we don’t get the riot of colors out here on the high plains when the leaves start changing. But I can’t complain. Right now we’ve got gorgeous fields of sunflowers, and before too long the milo fields are going to start turning that wonderful rust color…. so pretty with the morning mist!

  2. Elena

    I actually made one for my wedding out of brooches from family. I had so many compliments. They weigh 8-10 pounds though. They are heavy. I threw a fake flower bouquet to the girls.

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