Terra-Sorb Crystals

The weather is starting to cool off a tad, and it’s reminding me that I gave up on my gardening plan when the hot humidity and mosquito swarms of summer hit. I’m trying to get motivated again by replanting a few terra cotta pots on the deck. I love how container gardens look, but they are such brats! The plants always seem to be thirsty and wilted no matter how often I water them.

Hopefully these Terra-Sorb Crystals will save my new plants from imminent death, and even if they don’t at least I had fun playing with them. They look like sand, but when you add water they expand and absorb every drop. You mix them into the soil, and every time you douse those bratty plants the crystals absorb the extra water. Then, they slowly release it into the soil to keep your plants happy.

You probably don’t want to spill these down your drain though… that would be a serious clog!

terra-sorb crystals

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