Owl Pellet

One of our owl neighbors left me a present on the deck this morning—an owl pellet! “Pellet” is just a nice way of saying puke. If you hadn’t already realized that I’m a huge weirdo you will now, because I took pictures and dissected the “pellet” to see what Mr. Owl had been eating. If you’re squeamish avert your eyes!

owl pellet

Now here are some cute owls to take your mind off all the vomit.


1 Wooden Owl Wall Hanging
2 Vintage Celluloid Owl
3 Owl Pillow
4 Vintage brass owl figurines
5 Owl Card
6 Modern Owl Clock


  1. Jack

    I dissected owl pellets for a project in 4th grade. It was fun (but gross) . That picture on the bottom right brought back so many memories!

  2. Kelly

    I dissected owl pellets in 4th grade too. They came wrapped in tin foil from a farm that had a big empty barn LOL, not the ideal present to unwrap… We had the little sheets to try and put the bones to what animal/part it was- did you print one of those out?

  3. Jack

    Mine were wrapped and sanitized too. YES! we had the paper to put it on! We had either rodents or birds (I got a rodent), were those your options?
    I thought my elementary school was so cool, becuase I thought we were the only ones who did it! Guess not.

  4. Jenny

    I found your website and blog from pinterest. I love all of your work- not to mention your sense of humor cracks me up! I did not expect to be laughing or reading posts on owl puke when I first came to your blog. . I’ve spent the last hour or so going back and reading older posts- I hope to make it through the rest tonight. btw your practice hand lettering board on pinterest which brought me here is what inspired me to open my sketchbook again and do some practice lettering of my own so thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      That’s so awesome Jenny! I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying my blog. Thank you!

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