Giveaway: Block Printed Snowflake Cards

***This Giveaway is over, but there will be more giveaways in the future!***

I have another set of hand block printed cards to give away! I carved this snowflake design by hand and printed it with metallic silver ink on six A6 sized cards. I even printed on the envelopes. Now that’s fancy.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment below and share your favorite holiday tradition or memory.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, December 7th.

Block Printed Snowflake Card Giveaway


  1. Laura Acosta

    Hi, there!
    I started to read your blog some time ago and I love the stuff you design, so I’m going to give it a try!

    Well, my favourite tradition is related to how Christmas is celebrated in Spain. In New Year’s Eve we eat twelve grapes during the last twelve seconds of the year. You are supposed to eat them following the dongs of a big bell that is in Madrid.
    Anyway, it is really fast, so it’s almost imposible to finish them with the twelve strokes. It is hilarious to try to eat them with your friends and family, because someone always makes a joke and you burst to laugh with your grapes in your mouth…
    Some years ago, I started to record them in video, so I can have a great memory of the last seconds of the year.

    Have a great holiday and thanks for the opportunity to win these great postcards!

  2. Jana

    Being from Hawaii, where there isn’t much snow to be found, my fondest holiday memories are taking ski trips with my family to Tahoe. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  3. Christie

    Even though my siblings and I are grown, my mother still puts out stockings for us and fills them with the same cutesy trinkets and gifts that she would always stuff our stockings with when we were younger– nail polish, chocolate coins, hair clips, miniature race cars, and multi-colored candy canes. For some reason, no matter how amazing the other gifts are, the stockings are still my favorite.

  4. Rachel

    This is my first year at college, away from home. I am in the midst of making new traditions and introducing my own family traditions to my new friends, and there is no greater time for traditions than the holidays. My fondest memory of a family tradition is our Christmas Eve/Christmas morning ritual.
    Every Christmas Eve me and my two younger siblings get to choose one present to open. It can be any present from under the tree, from anyone. We each have our own strategies for choosing our one present; I personally usually go for the heaviest one.
    On Christmas morning, my parents set the rule early on that we were not allowed to wake them up until the clock said “7:00”. And although none of us believe in Santa Clause anymore, and it’s not that big of a deal anymore to wake up to presents, this is still a rule.
    I’m looking forward to going home for the holidays and continuing these traditions from my childhood.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  5. Jack Murohy

    My favorite memory was actually made last Christmas. In November last year, my grandmother was diagnosed with leukemia. She was sent to MD Anderson Hospital with 2% chance of survival and would be receiving chemotherapy throughout the holidays. Well, my family decided that if she couldn’t be with us, that we would be with her. For the five days leading up to Christmas, we all took turns sitting by her bedside keeping her company, and listening to her hoot and holler like a teenager over how handsome her doctor was, “I’ve always liked the European-Spanish, they are dreamy,” she would say. On Christmas day, behind masks and latex gloves, ¬†we opened gifts in her small hospital room and laughed with each other over past¬†memories. It taught me what Christmas really was. Today she’s remarkably cured of her cancer (not just in remission), and I like to believe we sparked her will to fight against it.

    Merry Christmas! Your cards look splendid.

  6. John

    The Christmas holiday came to life for me when my girls were born. Watching their faces light up as they unwrap those packages every year has illustrated that truth “it is more blessed to give than to receive!”

  7. Maelis

    My favorite tradition is getting new PJ’s on Christmas Eve. It’s so great to wake up in new pajamas and open up presents as if we are all little kids again. Beautiful cards :) !

  8. Rena

    My favorite family tradition is making holiday cookies for “Santa” on Christmas Eve and leaving it by the fireplace. It’s an excuse for us to make lots of cookies to enjoy:) Merry Christmas!

  9. Madeline

    My favorite tradition was walking downstairs in the morning to find my parents watching the ‘Yule Log’ channel. We didn’t have a fireplace, so we used to watch a log burning on TV. It cracks me up everytime I think about it now.

  10. Esha

    My annual cookie baking marathon with my mom and sister…I swear that I won’t do it again the following year, but always end up itching to make more come December…good times <3

  11. Shawn

    My favorite tradition is making Peanut Butter Balls with my daughters. Even though one is grown up and married she still comes over and we make a kagillion yummy melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter balls while watching old Christmas movies. They are so scrumtious I don’t understand why we only make them at Christmas. Perhaps that is why they are so good.

  12. Malori

    Every year my family and I go through our city on Christmas eve to look at everyone’s Christmas lights. I always love it. There’s a few streets where the whole neighborhood goes all out. It’s amazing!

  13. Lauren K

    Ok – So, I don’t know if this can really be called a “tradition”. Rather, it’s the pesky little sister in me that decided from a young age to do every year to get my older sister out of bed. You see, if I could get her out of bed, my parents would get up – and then we could OPEN PRESENTS!! (as a child, that’s all I thought mattered).
    Each year, I would would wake in the wee hours of the cold, dark morning and tip-toe down to my sisters room. She, of course, would still be fast asleep. With my tiny, stubby, little girl fingers I would, ever-so-gently, pry her eyelids open and begin with a whisper, “Erin, Erin, it’s Christmas morning”. She would proceed to roll over and when all was calm, I’d pry open her eyes again and this time yell, “ERIN, ERIN it’s CHRISTMASSSSS!!!” BAH! I’m laughing just thinking about it. I did this every year – until she left home :) Now that I’m older (and have younger sisters myself) I’m really thankful I don’t live at home :) I’ve also learned that Christmas is about so much more than presents – I LOVE this season!
    Tradition or not, it’s a great holiday memory from my childhood.

    What’s yours?!?! :)

  14. Liz

    On Christmas Eve my family has everyone over and we all sit around the table and eat Christmas tamales in celebration of my Guatemalan grandmother who passed away. That way we can all have a relaxing night around the fire talking and reflecting on the past year before the hectic festivities of the next day kick in. Then my cousin and I belt out All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey in the kitchen as we clean up. It’s my favorite part of coming home every year!

  15. Rudra

    First off, I love your cards, i wish i could have won them last year but i was too late to enter. heres crossing my fingers and hoping for the best this year! Now on to my memory:

    I think my favorite christmas tradition is decorating the Christmas tree and the house for the holidays. Its always fun spending time with my family as we joke around while singing Christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate and eggnog (not at the same time of course..well maybe sometimes lol). After its all up comes my most favorite part of all: setting up my train set around the tree. My parents gave me the set when i was 5 years old and i’ve kept it all these years(i’m 21 currently). its amazing it still works and even gives off smoke sometimes, of course there is a few parts missing from being played with extensively over the years. But it really isn’t christmas without it, even now i sit there and play with it for a few minutes from time to time. I love the holiday season!

    Seasons Greetings :)

  16. Ali

    Ok I got it!

    I grew up in a family that, like many, is not religious but we still celebrate the holiday. My Dad on the other hand, grew up in a Catholic family and would attend church every year on Christmas Eve when he was young but gave up the tradition once he got older. One year, my dad wanted to relive this memory and decided to take ME to church one cold Christmas Eve.
    We went to a nearby (Gorgeous) Catholic church and I sat quietly the whole time, mostly amazed at how my dad remembered every verse. It then came time for the Eucharist, my Dad got up and stood in line and I jumped up behind him… now, that I understand what a closed communion means, this was probably a bad idea.
    I finally got up to the priest and listened to him explain something about this wafer representing the body of christ (which I thought was pretty cool), I grabbed the wafer, looked up at the priest and said THANK YOU! I took one look at the blood of christ and decided to pass, mostly because I couldn’t figure out why everyone was drinking out of the same thing and ran back to my dad.
    He couldn’t stop laughing because he heard my very loud, Thank you and I’m pretty sure everyone in that church realized who the newb was!
    Hopefully, no one was offended by any of my actions.
    Note: I try not to go to closed communions anymore.

    Happy HOlidays!

  17. Liz B.

    those cards are stunning! *fingers crossed*

    albeit simple, my favourite tradition is the part of christmas day when my nana slips away from the crowd to sit down at the piano. without any announcement, her ivory tunes float through the house – filling the air with her artistic touch. this is the part of christmas day when my holiday finally feels whole.

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