DIY: Puffy Paint Planter

In October I fell in love with John and Sherry’s puffy paint pumpkins, but it seemed a shame to waste such a great idea on perishable pumpkins. So, when my maidenhair fern needed a planter to call home I went to work on an old glass vase.

puffy paint planter DIY

You’ll need:
a glass vase
a dry erase marker
puffy paint
a steady hand
spray paint

1.  Make sure the vase is clean. Use a dry erase marker to draw guide lines for the puffy paint on the vase. The beauty of dry erase vs. permanent marker is that you can wipe it off if you mess up! (Draw the guides on the inside of the vase if possible. Then you can easily remove them later.)

2. Break out your puffy paint and squeeze dots of paint evenly along the marker lines. Let the puffy paint dry completely, and then wipe off as much of the dry erase marker lines as possible.

3. Cover your vase with several coats of spray paint and let it dry.

4. Slide a planter liner into the vase, and voilà! You have a chic new planter!

(Next I’m going to try this technique on a plain old terracotta pot!)


  1. Libby James

    How adorable and SO simple. Why didn’t I think of this? Thank you for sharing this great idea! I do have puffy paint. Hmm.. Maybe I’ll try it on some bud vases. I have to try this on something :)

  2. Donna

    I wonder if this would work on ceramics vase as well :/
    All my vases are plain white..they’re kinda boring but I like white vases *lol so fickle :3*

    I’ll try this in one of my vases…to give them some oomph!
    Thanks for sharing this (^-^)v

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