Butterfly in a Jar

What did you collect when you were a child? Barbies? Rocks? Matchbox cars? I collected creatures in jars. My jar collections included tadpoles, frogs, toads, crayfish, minnows, fireflies, spiders, caterpillars, butterflies, praying mantises, and lady bugs. Once a lizard narrowly escaped me but left behind his tail. It wiggled for 3 days in its jar before finally going limp. Unfortunately most of my jarred pets either died or came close to it (in spite of my loving care) before I relented and released them.

This butterfly in a jar brought back a flood of fond childhood memories, so I had to get one. When you make a loud sound or tap the jar it flutters around crashing into the glass just like a real butterfly would. The best part is that when it dies I can revive it with a few fresh batteries. No harm done.

butterfly in jar


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