DIY: Sweet Knobs

I’m giving the vanity in the basement bathroom a fresh coat of paint and new moldings, so naturally it needed new knobs. I’m quite proud of myself for showing restraint and not spending too much on some gorgeous (but overpriced) Anthroplologie hardware. Instead I found some old faucet handles here, spray painted them, and added nuts and screws. I love the way they turned out!

repurposed faucet handle knobs


  1. Ali

    LOVE THESE! I want to see them in the bathroom… are you using them as faucet knobs or as hooks? They could even be decoration, either way I know it’ll be awesome!

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      I’m using them as knobs on the vanity cabinet doors. I’ll post a more zoomed out picture once the bathroom is in order and I finish tiling the floor.

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