Massive Paper Lanterns

I’ve replaced 14 light fixtures in our house over the past 2.5 years, and nothing has caught on fire yet, so I must have done an OK job. Well, the last one on my fixtures-to-replace list is the heinous ceiling fan looming over our great room. I’m going to call in an electrician for this one, because I wouldn’t be caught dead on a ladder that high! I haven’t been able to find a chandelier that I like to replace the fan. Scratch that, I haven’t been able to find a reasonably priced chandelier that I like to replace the fan. So I think that an oversized paper lantern will be perfect. They’re cheap and they make a big statement!

oversize paper lantern

Photos from Bright Bazaar, Desire to Inspire, This is a Design Blog, and Delight by Design


  1. April

    As much as I love chandeliers, since they are soo expensive, I like the idea of a paper lantern as an alternative. That first picture is especially inspiring! I had the idea that paper lantern = asian or modern, but it looks a little rustic and I love whats going on :D

  2. Diana

    I love big paper lanterns too! That first photo I think is the best.

    I once got 3 rather large ones (2 were sort of oblongish and 1 was round) and then strung them all together so they were sort of on top of one another (but spaced out a bit) in a strange corner of my living room. That was when I had high ceilings though (not anymore, damn it!). Anyways, I thought a few of them together looked sort of nice too, but it wouldn’t work as a chandelier.

    Whew, longest comment ever.

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