Chickpea Sandwiches

I have a hard time coming up with lunch ideas. I end up eating the same foods over and over until I’m completely sick of them. Lunch is such a neglected meal as far as recipes go. Don’t you think? I recently found this sandwich recipe that seems suspiciously simple, but it is so good! You have to try it. You also have to tell┬áme what your favorite lunch foods are, so I can add more variety to my menu!

chickpea sandwich recipe

1 can chickpeas aka garbanzo beans
1/4 cup green onion, chopped
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 teaspoon dried dill
2 tablespoons mayonnaise (to taste)
1 tablespoon lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste

Drain and rinse the chickpeas, pour them into a mixing bowl, and squish them with a fork. (If you get tired of squishing don’t worry about getting every last pea. I thought my arm was going to fall off!) Stir in the green onion, celery, dill, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. If the mixture seems too dry add a bit more lemon juice and/or mayonnaise.┬áSpread the chickpea mixture on bread, fill a pita, or just eat it straight out of the bowl!


    1. Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

      I ended up making this today for lunch for my brother and myself (mayonnaise for him, not for me) and I really liked it! I almost didn’t add in the celery, but I’m glad I found some in the fridge. It was something different and I really liked it… the lemon adds so much. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Wit & Whistle Post author

      I’m glad you liked it Eva! The celery definitely adds the perfect amount of crunchiness.

  1. Shawn

    I will have to give it a try. I had a raw salad for lunch that was great. A bed of raw baby spinache with combinations of veggies that were grated with the largest holes of the grater, cucumber and zucchini, with beets, carrots and red cabbage in it for color. Sprinkle with seeds and nuts, drizzle with your favorite dressing and voila. The good thing about it is you can grate a bunch at the beginning of the week and make a new combination every day.

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      That sounds delicious! I love foods that you can prepare in advance and eat all week!

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      I’m sure it would as long as you don’t process them too much. That would be much less strenuous than the fork method! :)

  2. Donna

    Thanks for this recipe – it’s delicious. My husband and I try to go meat-free during the week and I always struggle with finding sandwiches that he will like and that pack well in a lunch. This works on both levels. Also, I tried chopping the beans in the food processor and it works fine. Thanks again.

  3. HJ

    hi i just found your blog and i’m officially fan
    lovely photo :)
    anyway I happen to have some chickpea i HAVE to use up but i don’t know what to do other than yet another boring salad.
    now i know what i should do!
    thank you :) hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Candace

    Just made this! Such a creamy satisfying lunch idea. I put about 2/3 cup over 1 slice of toasted sourdough bread and it was perfect. As a vegetarian I am always looking for new quick fix recipe ideas, and this will be a new favorite. I used a 4 cup food chopper and pulsed it about 5 times and it was done! Did use a bit more than 2 tbsp of mayo to make it a bit more creamier. Would love to melt some Mozz cheese on it next time, when I don’t want to be so healthy haha. Thanks for the great recipe! So clever and delicious.

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