1. liza

    Very cute! You can make pom poms easily with two circles of cardboard – cut two equal circles of cardboard with a circle cut in the middle, wrap wool around the inside of the circles then cut between the two edges of the card and tie in the middle, then fluff them out. We used to make them at school in England :)

  2. Cecily

    You may be interested to note:

    A pom-poM is a GUN. A pompoN is the fluffy-tufty thing. Cheerleaders shake pomPONS. I’m sticking to my pom-poms on this one…for the sake of the pompon.

    The word pom-pom is an example of onomatopoeia. The gun was named for the sound it made when fired. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QF_1-pounder_pom-pom

    The origin of pompon is more complex. Two words are possible – pepō (Latin for “melon” referring to the round shape) or pompa (Latin meaning “procession”).

    Love your Pom-tastic post!

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