Miles of Light

We spent Sunday afternoon at the park exploring the woods with our doggies. Long curly poodle/schnauzer fur is a magnet for anything and everything laying around on the forest floor. By the time we headed home the pups looked like they were wearing pants made of twigs, leaves, pine needles and dirt. I just wish some of the debris they attracted was worthy of these photographs from Miles of Light!

Miles of Light


  1. Diana

    Those are such pretty prints. I think I’m totally on Spring mode now though (or getting ready for Spring) and those take me right back to fall! I love the fall season. It’s so calming. Not like the frenzied impatience of Spring. Ah well.

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      Fall is my favorite, because it’s like spring but without all the sneezing!

  2. Kelly

    When I first saw the pictures and only read a couple sentences, I thought those pictures were everything you collected off of the dogs LOL

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