Be Kind to Your Fine Feathered Friends

I hope we get another nest of baby birds this year. I’ve seen the wrens scouting around, but no nest building is going on yet. There’s a vast array of good looking bird houses and feeders out there. I wonder if my backyard birds would like these as much as I do? My personal favorite is #2 which features a solar powered glowing perch that (supposedly) attracts moths and bugs at night for the birds inside to munch on. Fancy.

designer bird houses feeders

1 J Schatz Egg Bird Feeder (the equivalent of a uterus shaped feeder for humans)
2 Solar Panel Bird Box (for the techie bird)
3 Geo Birdhouse (for the mathematically-minded bird)
4 Lantern Bird House (for the Jonathan Adler-loving bird)
5 Nesting Bird Box (for the modernist bird)
6 Tweet Bird Feeder (for the hungry bird)
7 Birdhouse ROHBAU (for the minimalist bird)
8 Charm Hanging Bird Feeder (for the very hungry bird)
9 $5 Foldable Bird House (for the thrifty bird)


  1. April

    LOL, seriously, this is very unique. I DO love that 2nd birdfeeder too, such a great idea to feed the family! I’ve been getting a ton of finches and cardinals here, but the bad thing is we don’t have many trees or safe places to post up a home that would we far enough from the apartments :-/

  2. John

    We have blue birds nesting in the front yard and I see 4 eggs in the nest. I also have a nest of nuthatches near the front porch but have not yet located them. Ahhh, Spring Time!

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      Lucky!! I have a bird house Daniel’s sister gave us a few years ago that I still need to hang up.

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