DIY: Tea Storage Jars

Thank you for the suggestions to try loose leaf tea. I’m hooked! I got these little canning jars to contain my stockpile, and I painted the lids with chalkboard paint. Now I can easily label and relabel my various leafy blends. It would have been a good idea to apply a coat of primer before the chalkboard paint, but I got lazy. Keep that in mind if you make your own storage jars!

loose tea storage chalkboard paint


  1. Jasmine

    Hmm.. i love this idea of blackboard paint on the lids! I love collecting jars and storage containers but don’t like tacky or messy labels.. .this is a perfect solution :)

  2. Meghan

    What a great idea! I’ve seen a version where you paint on the jar itself, but the lid looks so much easier. This would be great spice storage or be incredible cute if you made jam for a party favor!

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      I think the best part about painting only the lid is that I can still run the jars themselves through the dishwasher!

  3. Phoebe

    Very cute! I don’t know how quickly you go through your tea, but it will get oxidized especially under conditions with light. You could paint the outside of your jars to protect the tea from light – it will help retain the fresh flavor longer. Or, if you keep the jars in a cabinet it should be sufficiently protected from light as well.

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      Luckily I keep my jars in a cabinet, so hopefully my tea will stay fresh!

  4. Erin

    That’s great! My boyfriend just started brewing beer and I told him to paint “labels” on them with chalkboard paint so as we reuse the bottles we can rewrite the type of beer. Oh the wonders of chalkboard paint!

  5. Norma

    I have been scouring the web for spice jars that are simple, that i love and not too expensive. This is the perfect solution. Thank you so much!!

  6. jacquelyn | lark + linen

    this is a GREAT idea! I keep all of my stuff in mason jars and I usually just cut the label off of the package and toss it inside the jar with its contents so I know what’s what. This is a much prettier idea!

  7. HJ

    so cute & great idea!
    i just kept them in a jar, i mean anything i can find
    but this looks way better & practical thx!

  8. Nikki

    Oh gosh, those canning jars are absolutely adorable! After reading through your blog, you’re definitely making me itch to order some chalkboard paint from Dick Blick. I think I shall have to!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I’m not sure what kind of chalkboard paint I used, it was so long ago. Just any thing that says it’s chalkboard paint will do. I usually like Kilz primers, but any primer that says it will work on metal will work.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Right, the paint would come off in the dishwasher. I just wipe my lids clean on the inside, and don’t put any water on the paint just in case.

  9. Holly

    I think you have the same obsession with chalkboard paint as I do! Looking at your blog has made me want to do more…Oh dear my poor roommate! Love the Chalkboard Platter too, soon to be wedding gift I think! Abso loverly blog Lady!

  10. Jody

    Have a garden and interestend in growing tea making materials. Suggestions on what to start with, I love hibiscus but it’s too big to grow

  11. Jessica

    What did you label the jars with after you painted them? That looks far too fine-tipped to be “regular” chalk.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I just used regular chalk. If you use the edge you can get a pretty fine line. :)

  12. jim

    Hi, I clicked by mistake and saw your jars; I did the same thing when they came out with chalkboard spraypaint. Just seperate the inner lids and rough them up with some steel wool or emery cloth and spray 3 coats. They are smoother than brush on and silkier to write on. Great minds think alike. I like your jars too, Jim

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