30th Anniversary Party

Last Friday my sister and I threw a surprise 30th anniversary party for my parents. It went perfectly! To decorate we rented a helium tank and filled my ceiling with massive 36″ balloons and a sprinkling of regular sized balloons.

30th Anniversary Party

For my parents’ gift I dusted off my old drawing pencils and sketched their wedding photo. I knew they would like it, since your parents have to like anything you make for them—even if it’s a macaroni necklace!

30th Anniversary Party

We played with balloons to unwind after all the excitement was over. You wouldn’t believe how much lift a 36″ helium balloon has. I don’t know how Oliver managed to keep his paws on the ground!

30th Anniversary Party


  1. April

    love love! I just saw an engagement photo shoot where there were a ton of balloons. I am now hooked on the idea that I must make this happen LOL. Love your drawing too! :D

  2. John

    You girls just continue to surprise and amaze me. Thanks for your thoughfulness and I am wondering if your sketch pencils will help with my grey hair?

  3. Talia

    freaking fantastic!!! I adore all the balloons, I was thinking of having a few of those giant ones for my wedding photos!

  4. Shawn

    Fantastic time and loved the decorations particularly the pencil drawing. Yes, it is better than macaroni necklaces but those were nice too. Love the picture of Oliver!

  5. Alla

    The decorations and present look absolutely lovely. Where would you recommend to get these size balloons (both big and small) and rent a tank from? Thank you!!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I got everything from Party City, although I’m not sure if you can still rent helium tanks. I think there’s a worldwide helium shortage now, or something like that?

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