DIY: Rainbow Hair

Today I discovered this hair coloring tutorial from The Beauty Department. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m always uncertain about dying my hair, but I love this look. The best part is, if I got tired of having a “My Little Pony” mane I could easily cut it off. No harm done! Have you ever dyed your hair crazy colors?

crazy hair color
Photos by The Beauty Department 


  1. Tids

    I’m so desperate to do this but, being in the Army, I can’t decide whether I’ll be able to hide it my bun every day…. do I take the risk in my quest for this prettiness? Hmmm…

    1. Wit & Whistle Post author

      I’ll bet you could hide it in a bun if you’re fairly hair savvy!

    2. Amanda

      You can definitely hide it in a sock bun.. Look for the youtube sock bun tutorial where you start from the top of your pony tail and roll the sock down to the root of the pony, creating a nice bun.

  2. Caryn

    Sophomore year of college, I dyed the bottom 3 inches of my long dirty blonde hair bright red. It was so fun! It was subtle enough that people didn’t really see it right away and I loved putting it in a ponytail with the dipped end. If I still had long hair, I would totally try this!

  3. elizabeth

    whatd you guys do for dye? i have manic panic pink seeing as i have a strip in already, but i dont know if i wanna spend another 40 bucks on the other three colors

    1. wit & whistle Post author

      I read somewhere online that if you mix conditioner into the dye it will make it lighter. So maybe you could just make your own light blue and light pink by mixing conditioner into a bit of pink and blue dye. Then you’d only have to buy one more color since you already have pink.

  4. Ivy

    If you have any kind of brown hair and you want to dye it any kind of punky/rainbow color you have to bleach it if you want the color to show. If you don’t it tends to look dull and dirty. How ever, if you have hair that has been bleached but has brown dyed over it and the brown is faded a little you can dye it with various shades of red by Manic Panic, Punky Colour, Special FX etc.. and it will make very pretty deep reds. But it is best to bleach your hair to a light blond to color it. If you are coloring it some shade of red though it’s ok if it’s not the lightest of blondes.

  5. Ivy

    Even if you have naturally blonde hair it’s good to bleach your hair a bit because the dye will be much more vibrant and it will last a lot longer. It’s true that if you want lighter colors you can mix your dye with conditioner. That will also make your bottle of dye last longer because you won’t have to use as much.

  6. Kendra

    Where did you get the hair dye from? I was thinking I could just go to Sally’s and get some, that would work, right?

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