Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

I’m infatuated with a house plant. I’m such a weirdo. I keep seeing fiddle leaf fig trees (aka fiddle leaf ficus trees) everywhere, and the more I see them the more I love them. I even have an empty planter sitting in the corner of my living room waiting to be filled with those big lush leaves. I just need to find one that’s small enough to fit in my car!

fiddle leaf fig tree

Photos from: unkown, Domino, Elle Decor, High Street Market, Desire to Inspire


  1. Shawn

    You sure are seeing them everywhere. I never noticed them so it will be interesting to see how often I see them now. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new house plant.

  2. Stephen

    I have been on the waiting list for one of these since August at our local gardening center in Seattle and the wait is driving me crazy. That makes both of us nuts I guess. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Stephanie

    Hey! I just discovered your blog and I love your creativity and style! I also love the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and have been keeping my eye out for one for a while now. Low and behold… I found one today at Home Depot (near Toronto)! I was super excited! It was $35 and stands about 4 ft. tall! Needless to say it has a new home in my living room!

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