Yard Work

When you live in North Carolina and you’re blessed with highs in the low 80s on an August day, it’s a crime not to spend the day outside. I decided to pick up all the debris that has been accumulating in our yard. It was probably stupid of me to clean up the yard considering Hurricane Irene is headed straight for us, but I did it anyway.

Speaking of natural disasters, did anybody else feel that earthquake today? It was my first earthquake experience, and I ran and hid in the basement. I don’t perform well under pressure, and I got it confused with a tornado. Oops. Luckily it was a little one. (I’m sure all you west coasters are rolling your eyes.)

yard work

 Sometimes I wonder if the little red wagon I played with as a kid is happy that I still put it to use as an adult.


  1. Brandi

    My parents live in Garner, NC and they both called me today to tell me about the earthquake. Since I live in San Francisco it didn’t seem like a big deal to me :)

  2. Michelle

    haha I saw that picture too! And my boss was right next to me and didn’t notice the quake. At first I thought it was the wind going really crazy but the trees weren’t moving haha. Oh! I’m sure the little red wagon loves that you still put it to good use! (reminds me of the brave little toaster)

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