Airplane Survival Kit

We’re off to Iceland! I’ll resume blogging on the 12th, and hopefully I’ll have some photos to share. The last time we traveled I got one of those u-shaped neck pillows to sleep on, but it made me drool all over myself. I wish I could figure out how to sleep comfortably on a plane (aside from forking out the big bucks for first class seats)! Here are my airplane must-haves. What are yours?

airplane travel survival kit

1 Dramamine (for motion sickness prevention and sedation purposes)
2 a sweater (sometimes it’s chilly in there)
3 home-baked treats (airplane food is terrible)
4 a carry on (big enough to hold my camera stuff)
5 a book (not an eBook, so I can keep reading during takeoff)
6 an mp3 player (to drown out any crying babies)
7 a sleep mask (sometimes my eyelids just aren’t thick enough)


  1. Lindsey

    I love the eye pillow, it is one of my favorites on a plane. A small note on sleeping… IF you can spare enough room, try to bring a little down pillow. They conform to the space better than one of the u shaped ones, and soak up any misplaced drool. :)

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