Chickpea “Cookie Dough”

Last week I discovered Katie’s Healthy Dessert Blog, and I was so excited to try her Cookie Dough Dip recipe. For some reason I was convinced that even though the recipe consisted mostly of smooshed up chickpeas, it would taste like cookie dough. I was being naive I guess. Today I made the “cookie dough”, and I was dissapointed. It was alright, but it didn’t taste the way I anticipated. I think I set my expectations too high, and I hoped for an exact replica of chocolate chip cookie dough that I could eat by the bowlful, instead of chocolate chip hummus.

I normally only share recipes that I love, but I want to love this one so badly! If you try this recipe, please let me know if you come up with any improvements.┬áNext time I might leave out the nut butter (I used peanut butter which was a bit overpowering) and the oats (I wasn’t crazy about the oat texture in there). Also, it needs more chocolate chips!

Here’s the recipe.

chickpea cookie dough dip



  1. Jaclyn

    I just saw this recipe and really want to try it out. It sounds interesting, but the photos make it look so tasty. Love your blog too, so glad I came across it.

  2. April

    What a unique recipe! I would of never thought of this, but I guess everyone who is trying to eat a little better thinks of new things. I just posted on this fb group I’m in for Tim Ferris’s “4-hour body” a spin off ochazuke, where you replace rice with boiled down cauliflower (I swear I love the cauliflower version!). LOL.

  3. Melanie

    I’m glad you tried this because I kept on seeing it on Pinterest and thought, “Looks are deceiving girls. There’s no way in hell that tastes like cookie dough.”

  4. Sydney

    The dip didn’t do it for me, either. Though I’ve learned most cookie-flavored things get closer to achieving their flavor goals with the addition of a small amount of almond extract, this included. And before you give up on the chickpeas/chocolate chip cookie combo, you have to try Katie’s deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie! SO AMAZING! And that’s with subbing out the sugar for 1/3 C honey and 1/4 NuNaturals MoreFiber stevia baking blend (you could probably use some other stevia source, that was just what I had on hand). I also added about 1/8 tsp almond extract. (recipe:

    And now that I’ve snubbed my nose at netiquette by leaving an epic comment for my first showing, I should thank you for filling my days with splendid things and take my leave of your comment section for now. :)

    1. Sydney

      *1/4 C NuNaturals MoreFiber baking blend

      It seemed better to not leave that measurement a mystery. And now I stop! :)

    2. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh I like epic comments. :) Since you recommend it I will give the Cookie Pie recipe a try. If I ever try this cookie dough one again I will try adding almond extract too. Thanks!

  5. Erin

    I loved this recipe! I know that it isn’t exactly like cookie dough, but it is basically diet food, so I had some expectation that it would taste a little different. HOWEVER, I thought it was amazing for being made out of chick peas! I make it on a regular basis and even my husband loves it. It is also great to take to parties. I got a lot of complements on this recipe, and am VERY impressed with . It is better for a group of people to sweeten with the brown sugar, but I use stevia if just my husband and I eat it at home. Her other recipes, such as brownies, larabars, and vegan fudge are great too!

  6. Kimberly

    Yeah, I made it too, and my husband asked me to never make it again, ever. Oh dear. Even my friend, who eats squash rinds willingly, didn’t care for it. I TOO WANTED IT TO BE GOOD. But I like her blog a lot, disclaimer.

  7. Marion

    I’ve made it a few times with great success, but the first was a disaster. I, too, used peanutbutter the first time. Almond butter was much better. Also, I found that the oats are necessary, as they firm up the batter. And the biggest factor for me was the type of sugar I used. White was okay, palm sugar ok, organic was a huge flop. Light brown worked the best. Oh! And add the nut milk slowly; not much is really needed. If you find you need more than 1/4 cup, you may need a different food processor. Good luck!

  8. Bethany

    That’s funny, I made the cookie dough too, only I ate the entire bowl and can’t wait to make it again some time. Oh well.

  9. sarah

    i’m a little late to this party, but i wanted to add that i tried and liked (if not loved) the cookie dough. i found that i liked it much better the next day – the brown sugar must have better penetrated the garbanzos with the sitting-in-the-fridge time. :)

    1. Lauren

      Agreed! When I first made it, I was SO disappointed that I could still taste the beans! I set it in the fridge in defeat. The next morning I tried it again, and WOW! Just like cookie dough!

  10. Rachel

    I was wondering…..what if added some honey in along with it or some sort of extract? That would still keep the healthier choice there but allow for some variety.

  11. Kathy

    I am sorry to hear that your recipe did not turn out. I have made this recipe several times with great success! We do use chunky soy nut butter, soy milk, and brown sugar in the recipe (this is due to my 4 year old having severe food allergies. We also add more chocolate chips. I have served this to various club groups and friends who always ask for the recipe. I have had friends try peanut butter and they also agree that it did not taste good. I do find it also sets up more if you make it a day ahead. I hope this helps anyone else who would like to try this recipe.

  12. Sarah (appifanie)

    I made it mostly as is but didn’t add oats or flax or liquid and I really loved it. It is bean based so of course it won’t be like cookie dough, but it’s close enough for me :D I spread it on an apple usually. Or eat it with a spoon.

  13. Heather

    I’ve made this several times. No, it doesn’t taste like cookie dough . . .but a nice healthier alternative. I found using white kidney beans is best, along with brown sugar, real vanilla, ground flax instead of oats and I personally like the peanut butter taste. Also, I add mini chocolate chips (as much as I feel needed). It tastes much better after in the fridge for a day!

  14. Tori

    I blend the oats in my Ninja for awhile to make them not so “oaty” textured. I also use biscoff spread instead of Peanut Butter. I never need to add milk. I think it is super delicious! :)

  15. Nikki

    I have made this several times and have always used brown sugar. I only have a small bottle of liquid stevia so I will have to get some stevia that is a replacement for sugar. I have used peanut butter and almond butter and like both. I cheat a little though and put it in a serving bowl topped with cool whip! And my husband LOVES it. We eat it with graham crackers. But, I always see him sneaking it just by the spoonful out of the dish in the fridge. I agree that it gets better as it sits. As for others, I have taken it to parties and had mixed reviews. Some loved it and wanted the recipe and some didn’t care for it. The host of one party loved it so much that I left it with him. He was so excited to find out that he could eat it ALL without the guilt of eating real cookie dough. I will try some of Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipes after my husband and I finish our Advocare 24 Day Challenge!!!

  16. Sarah Rubenstein

    Oh, I’ll try the almond extract idea. I was disappointed too! I wanted to love it. Thanks for the validation :)

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